Revised Site Plan Approved for Stittsville Walk Development


The City has approved the revised site plan for the Stittsville Walk development at 1491 & 1493 Stittsville Main Street, which is located on the east side of Stittsville Main Street between Abbott Street and Wintergreen Drive.

The purpose of the application is to allow for modifications and revise the site plan (City File No. D07-12-08-0263) that was approved for the subject property in 2011. The previous site plan approval included a five-storey building consisting of retail on the ground floor, offices on the second and third floor and residential apartments in the fourth and fifth floors on the front portion of the site. No changes are proposed to the front of the site as part of the subject approval.

The rear of the site was to be developed with five three-storey buildings fronting on a private street, containing a total of 24 stacked townhouse units, 16 units were to have two parking spaces each) a garage with an additional parking space in the driveway), and the remaining eight units were to each have one outdoor parking space in front of the building. Landscaped space was to be provided around the perimeter of the site and a 1.9-metre screen fence was proposed along the rear and side property lines. One building, Block A2, was constructed under the original approval. It contains four stacked townhome units, each with an individual garage and driveway.  To review the plans please visit here.

The changes proposed to the rear of the site are as follows:

  • Blocks A1, A3 and A4 will be developed as street oriented townhouse dwellings with attached garages. Each block consists of 5 townhouse units for a total of 15. The associated landscaping, bicycle parking, vehicle parking and garbage enclosure have been modified.
  • The elevations of these three buildings have been modified to have a combination of brick, stone and siding, rather than composite panels and siding as previously approved. The exterior of the existing A2 Block will be approved within 6 months and modified within 1 year of registration of the amending site plan agreement to be consistent with the new buildings.
  • Each of the 15 townhouse units will have a total of 2 parking spaces per unit.
  • Block B5, at the rear of the site has also been redesigned to consist of seven street oriented townhomes with one surface parking space per unit.
  • Two visitor parking spaces are also provided in accordance with the Zoning By-law.


In the Stittsville Main Street Community Design Plan and Secondary Plan the subject lands are designated Village Centre Precinct and Low Rise Residential/Traditional Mainstreet. The proposed revision respects the site specific policies stipulated in the Secondary Plan.

I have been in contact with landowner throughout this process and have requested an update regarding the construction timelines to share with the community, however unfortunately I have not received any additional information at this time.  It has been stressed to the developer that the community and I have had many concerns with this development and we are eager to see the project completed.  Please be assured when I have more information regarding the construction timelines I will share this with the community.