Hesse Crescent Stormwater Management Work


The City is having stormwater management work undertaken in the area of land north of Hesse Crescent in Stittsville.  This work began earlier this month and should be completed next week weather permitting.

Contractors working for the Storm Water Facility Unit are undertaking this scheduled major maintenance work on the storm water management facility at the subject location.   The completion date is very dependent on the weather and amount of rainfall over the next week or so, as well as the contractors scheduling abilities.

The work being done entails:

– clearing of brush and some limited small tree removal

– removal of accumulated sediment and earth grading

– reinstatement of the  low flow drainage channel extending from the storm sewer outlet from Hesse Crescent to the outlet structure on the north side of the block

The work is required to ensure that: i) flow from normal rain events is conveyed through the city block without undue erosion; and ii) adequate space is provided to accommodate storage of storm water volume from extreme rainfall events, in order to protect residence from flooding and downstream lands from erosion.