5960 Fernbank Road Proposed Commercial Development

The Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development Department has received a zoning by-law amendment (File No. D02-02-16-0063) application for the property at 5960 Fernbank Road. The site is located at the southwest intersection of Fernbank Road and Shea Road, adjacent to the Davidson Co-Tenancy subdivision, and is designated as Developing Community (Expansion Area) under the City of Ottawa Official Plan. The site is currently vacant with existing hydro towers and lines bisecting the property. The site is identified for commercial uses in the demonstration plan prepared for the development of the Developing Community (Expansion Area) lands known as Stittsville South (Area 6).


The site is currently zoned Rural Countryside Zone (RU Zone). The applicant is proposing to rezone the lands to General Mixed Use Zone (GM Zone) in order to permit future commercial development consisting of a grocery store, two retail stores and a restaurant. The intention of the current concept plan is for a total of 5,511 square metres of retail space, consisting of a grocery store measuring 3,720 square metres and two retail stores measuring 1,278 and 513 square metres, as well as a restaurant of 550 square metres. A total of 331 parking spaces are proposed to accommodate the commercial uses. The applicant is also proposing modifications to the performance standards of the GM Zone including a reduction, from three metres to zero metres, in the required front yard and corner side yard setback, minimum width of landscaped area and minimum width of landscaped area around a parking lot.

5960 Fernbank Road Concept Plan

5960 Fernbank Application Summary

Additional reports are also available by searching the City’s development applications website at www.ottawa.ca/devapps

Comments are requested by September 29, 2016.

For more information and to provide comments please contact myself and City Planner Mike Schmidt Mike.Schmidt@ottawa.ca or 613-580-2476 ext. 13431.