Stittsville South / Traditions II Development Update


As many residents have requested it, I am happy to give an update regarding the new Stittsville South / Traditions II development. The City’s Planning Department have advised that in addition to the normal engineering review process associated with a subdivision application there are several additional engineering items to work through for this file.

Staff advised that the challenges to overcome include items such as dealing with the Faulkner Municipal Drain and conformity with the Drainage Act, going through the front-ending process for the new Area 6 Sanitary Pump Station including its design and coordination, and the identification and resolution of interim sanitary servicing capacity constraints.  Since both developments / developers share in the responsibility of advancing the above items it is necessary that they agree on these matters including the allocation of the interim capacity.  In addition to the agreements required between the developers and the City, there are also approvals required by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.

Unfortunately I do not have a timeline that can be provided at this time, but I am aware that the developers and City staff are working together on these items. I can appreciate that this halt in development can be difficult for both residents in the area and those that are waiting for their new homes to be built in this community.  If you have any additional questions or concerns with the development site please feel free to contact me.

For additional background information on this development please visit here.