Stittsville Service of the Week – Goulbourn Township Historical Society


I would like to take a moment to talk about the Goulbourn Township Historical Society – a community group dedicated to the history of the former Goulbourn Township, now amalgamated into the City of Ottawa in Ontario, Canada.

They are responsible for hosting such great events as Heritage Day in Stittsville and can often be most easily identified by their historically accurate settler outfits.

The Society was founded in 1977 as a means to foster research into the Township’s history, collecting  and preserving original documentation dating back to the township’s origin in 1817.

History buffs are welcome to join the society too. At about 115 members, the group offers regular speaker’s programs and publishes a quarterly newsletter. Volunteers are always invited to help create and staff exhibits for public events, to record and gather local peoples’ stories, to document the township in photographs or drawings, or to write brochures or books on local history.

To learn more about the Historical Society, please visit their website here.