Fall 2016 Construction Technical Briefing

This week, the City of Ottawa held a technical briefing going over construction plans for the remainder of the year.

Within the briefing, you can review the construction that has already reached completion in 2016 as well as plans for renewal, growth, and expansion in the construction that remains ongoing for completion before Canada’s 150th anniversary celebrations begin next year. Also included are updates on the O-Train Confederation Line progress and tips for residents who may be travelling in construction congested areas this fall some of which are to:

  • Plan around construction
  • Give priority to emergency vehicles
  • Avoid traveling during peak periods
  • Consider carpooling
  • Walk, bike, take transit. Combine them if your commute is longer.
  • Embrace technology in the workplace (e.g. Teleconference)
  • Consider alternative work arrangements

I encourage all residents with an interest in City planning to review the presentation in its entirety here. Of course, for more information, you can also visit www.ottawa.ca or www.octranspo.com.