Stittsville Service of the Week – Rotary Club of Stittsville

The Rotary Club of Stittsville is another great service for Stittsville residents. Brought together by the goodwill of its patrons, its purpose unites business and professional leaders to provide humanitarian services and provide goodwill and peace around the world.

They come together for charitable events, breakfasts, trivia, and several other social gatherings. They bring in guest speakers, host mother/daughter book clubs, and present scholarships to graduating teens for community involvement.

They have also been responsible for completing phase-one of Ottawa’s first Peace Park complete with a labyrinth. You can help to get involved with the next steps which include the beautification of the surroundings with gardens and other areas to enhance the park for people of all abilities. In recognition of your donation of $200 to support the Peace Park, you will be recognized by an inscription on a brick which will be part of the pathway to the labyrinth. I encourage residents to visit the peace park at Bell Park, 1751 Stittsville Main St.

The Rotary Club has become a staple in the Stittsville community and acts as a great place to make friends while supporting great causes.

To learn more, you can find them Wednesdays at 7:00 AM at the Amberwood Village Member’s Lounge. You can also visit their website at