Renting Public Parks, Splash Pads, and other Facilities

I would like to take a moment to discuss the procedure for properly renting parks from the City.

Oftentimes residents and/or community associations would like to host an event or a birthday party in a City-owned park. While this is a lovely idea to celebrate the fresh air and good weather brought to us with the summer months, it can also lead to problems if another party had the same idea.

By booking the space in advance, you can guarantee the park’s availability for your event. That way if someone is using the space when your party shows up, you can produce the permit and politely ask the other group to move to a different area of the park (and vice versa, so the birthday party is not disrupted by another group who may have booked the area).

For your convenience, I have attached the application form, rental rates, and general information sheet.

You can send your completed form to or fax it to 613-580-2683. Happy celebrations!