5897 Fernbank Road Tree and Brush Removal

The landowner of 5897 Fernbank Road which located northeast of the Fernbank and Shea roundabout has advised they will be undertaking some pre-construction work on their property over the summer.

The landowner has advised my office that clearing of the site will be done in August and September and the majority of this clearing work will involve removing tall weed and small shrubs. The cedar hedges in front and to the side of the house must be removed to put in the new septic system, and the landowner will be seeking the appropriate tree cutting permit once they have the septic installation date from the contractor.

This site is planned for the future development of a therapist office with additional uses as well.  In the future there will be a rezoning and severance application submitted for the site to permit this use.  It is anticipated that this approval process will take less than one year.  No significant work will be done on the site until these approvals have been provided by the City.

The heritage designated Flewellyn House will be incorporated in the landowners development plans for the site.  For more information on the Flewellyn House please visit here.  Please note that while the landowner can appreciate that residents have an interest in seeing this heritage building it is important that residents do respect that this is private property and they do not access the site.  In addition there is wild parsnip on the property which the landowner will be removing but this can pose a safety concern.