Wild Parsnip

The City of Ottawa has been working to control Wild Parsnip in areas city-wide along rural and suburban roadsides.

Wild Parsnip is an invasive plant that is increasingly common within the City of Ottawa in areas of uncultivated land, roadside ditches, nature trails, as well as on and surrounding rural and residential properties.

Wild Parsnip may pose a health risk to humans. The plant sap contains chemicals that may cause skin and eye irritation and make the skin prone to burning and blistering when exposed to the sun. The blisters typically occur one to two days after contact with the plant. This can result in long-term scarring of the skin.

The best way to avoid contact with Wild Parsnip is to become familiar with what the plant looks like so you do not accidently come in contact with the plant.

For further information, contact 3-1-1. To report wild parsnip in your area, please visit: http://ottawa.ca/en/serviceottawa/trees-water-and-environment/noxious-invasive-plants-wild-parsnip-poison-ivy-or-giant