LED Streetlight Conversion Project

On September 9, 2015, Council approved the Right of Way Lighting Policy Update Report (ACS2015-COS-PWS-0013), which permits the use of light emitting diode (LED) technology for all City of Ottawa streetlighting infrastructure.

Recent advances in LED technology have made it an attractive replacement to traditional lighting fixtures. Benefits associated to the conversion of streetlights to LED include:

  • Over 50% reduction in energy use;
  • Approximately 50% reduction in maintenance costs;
  • Improved colour rendering of fixtures which improves safety;
  • Ability to use a more balanced colour temperature for lighting which improves ambiance;
  • Reduction in trespass light and light pollution; and,
  • Controls and monitoring that allow staff to more precisely design lighting, providing daily reports of failed fixtures, and provides more accurate energy tracking and monitoring.

Energy Ottawa began the conversion project on July 18th and will be installing LED lighting throughout the City over the next 4 years. Energy Ottawa will begin by converting fixtures with the greatest wattage consumption at the start of the project in an effort to achieve greater reductions in energy use as quickly as possible.

This is great news in ensuring that all street lighting designs adhere to the most current Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) and Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) standards and deliver improvements both environmentally and fiscally. As a part of the conversion project, a control system will be implemented that further ensures proper light levels on City streets to minimize any environmental impact.

For more information on the LED Streetlighting Conversion project, please visit ottawa.ca.