Implementing 4-way-stops in Residential Zones

This past spring, I requested a traffic count for the intersections of West Ridge and Bell with the intention of implementing a four way stop near Deer Run Park upon resident requests. The results of that study are now complete.

Traffic Services uses a warrant to determine where to recommend the installation of multi-way stop controls. As such, an 8 hour traffic count was conducted at the intersection. Based on the data collected, a four-way stop is only 58% warranted and unfortunately does not meet the warrant requirements.

Similarly, a study was conducted November 13, 2014 for the intersection of West Ridge and Franklin Cathcart Birchland. That study also only came back as 53% warranted due to traffic count.

The intent of stop signs is to control the right of way at an intersection and not as speed control devices.  To ensure that there is a high level of stop compliance, there needs to be sufficient volumes from the minor street – more than 200 per hour over an 8 hour weekday period – to warrant stopping traffic on the major street.

I will continue looking at alternative options for children-at-play areas and work to ensure our streets remain safe. Until then, I would still like to encourage all residents to remain aware of the dangers of speeding on residential streets. I do still have “Slow Down for Us” signs located at my Goulbourn Recreation Complex ward office and would like to encourage any interested resident to stop by and pick one up. Please call to confirm someone will be available to receive you.