Valuable Services in the Community – Goulbourn Museum

I thought I would take a moment to let residents know about some of the wonderful services that are provided regularly within our community. Each week, I will feature a piece on a different service so that hopefully residents will be made more aware of potential involvement opportunities. This week, I thought I would discuss the Goulbourn Museum.

Service of the Week – Goulbourn Museum

The Goulbourn Museum, located south on Stittsville Main Street at Stanley’s Corners, was originally home to the Old town Hall built in 1872. The adjacent History Centre building was built in 1961 and was the place of the former Clerks building. This building is now used as a meeting place and storage for the various artefact collections.

The Goulbourn Museum has many interactive and hands-on exhibitions on site such as The 100th Regiment of Foot about the soldiers who settled Goulbourn Township in 1818 after the War of 1812-1814; The Village Store where kids can dress up as pioneers and shop or barter for supplies; as well as exhibits about early Goulbourn settlers, the communities in the Township, and local services.

The Goulbourn Museum’s mandate is to disseminate the material and oral history of the Goulbourn community by collecting, preserving, displaying and interpreting local artefacts. The Museum offers a range of education programs to increase the public’s understanding and enjoyment of  our local history.

It is all thanks to the hard work of community members Kathryn Jamieson, Tracey Donaldson, Sue Woodford, Kaitlyn Normandin, Sarah Holla,. The Museum also has a Board of nine directors who work with various community partners. They are: Keith Hobbs, Ken Cownley, Phil Sweetnam, Frank Argue, Linda Preston, John Curry, Glendon Moore, Bram Blenk, and Karen Weir.

The Goulbourn Museum plays an instrumental role in preserving and sharing our community’s rich history.

For general inquiries, email For information about programming, events or exhibitions, email If you have artefacts you would like to donate to the Museum, email To reach staff by phone you can call 613-831-2393