City Staff Re-Structure

As mentioned in my mid-week update, this week’s council meeting saw an in-camera session restructuring the organization of City staff.

This is done occasionally within governments with the intention of improving the overall effectiveness of the organization in reaching the goals set forward by Terms of Council priorities without disrupting City services.

City manager, Steve Kanellakos has been working hard to ensure that ideas have been heard to best understand the needs of the city moving forward.

With the new structure in place, reporting relationships have been simplified. The new organizational structure consists of eight departments each led by a General Manager, as well as the City Clerk and Solicitor. All senior leaders will report directly to the City Manager.

The two Deputy City Manager portfolios (Planning and Infrastructure Portfolio and City Operations Portfolio) have been removed to create clearer reporting roles between the departments and the City Manager.

Service areas have been grouped within departments in ways that break down silos and allow for greater collaboration, integrated planning and service execution.

The City’s biggest assets, our employees, will be prioritized. Focus will shift to improving succession planning and empowering staff to make decisions with the tools, training and resources required to succeed.

The new organizational structure includes a senior leadership team made up of seasoned municipal leaders who will stabilize the new structure and promote real succession planning across the organization. Our senior leadership team understands this organization well and will each lead individual department with direct lines of accountability to the City Manager. This team sets the stage for future succession planning as each General Manager has been given clear direction to mentor and develop our next generation of leaders. The organization is structured as follows:

  • Rick O’Connor will remain as City Clerk and Solicitor;
  • Janice Burelle will lead  the Community and Social Services Department;
  • Marian Simulik will lead the Corporate Services Department;
  • Susan Jones will lead the Emergency and Protective Services Department. Anthony Di Monte will continue as Acting General Manager until Susan returns;
  • Dan Chenier will lead the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department;
  • John Moser will lead the new Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development Department on an interim basis while a new General Manager is recruited;
  • Kevin Wylie will lead the Public Works and Environmental Services Department;
  • Donna Gray will lead the Service Innovation and Performance Department; and,
  • John Manconi will lead the Transportation Services Department.

Planning department, as still not yet set, will still be decided at a later date while the City searches for the best possible candidate. I look forward to the fresh take on our Planning Department and all of these new directions the City is going in.

It is with a heavy heart to bear witness to the departure of some long-time serving member of the City staff and I wish them all the best of luck in their future endeavours.

However, I do have high hopes that these changes will help to build a stronger cohesion within our city in establishing “One City, One Team.”

To read the report in its entirety, please click here. As always, if you have any questions regarding these changes, you are always free to contact me at