Stittsville Developments at City’s Planning Committee

Stittsville Developments at City’s Planning Committee

At the City’s Planning Committee on Tuesday, July 12 there are two development items for Stittsville.  Members of the public are welcome to attend the meeting and you can also listen live on For the Meeting Agenda including the location and links to the reports please visit here.

570 Hazeldean Road – Mattamy Homes

The subject property was rezoned in December 2015 to permit a residential subdivision by Mattamy Homes. The residential portion of the subdivision is zoned R3YY [2317], allowing detached, semi-detached and townhouse dwellings, with a site-specific exception denoting site-specific provisions for setbacks and permitted projections.

At the time of the by-law enactment, the site-specific provisions applicable to detached dwellings were inadvertently omitted from the text of Exception 2317. The proposed Zoning By-law amendment would add these provisions into the text of the exception as originally intended.

950 TERRY FOX DRIVE – Metric Homes

The applicant is proposing to rezone the property from Agriculture Subzone 3 (AG3) and Parks and Open Space, Subzone R(O1R) to Residential Second Density Subzone (R2P), Residential Third Density, Subzone YY Exception [2317] (R3YY[2317]), Residential Fourth Density Subzone S, Exception [xxxx], (R4S[xxxx]), and Park and Open Space Zone (O1) to allow the development of detached dwellings, townhouses, low rise apartment buildings, parks and a stormwater management pond. The AG3 zone affects the SPB Developments Inc. property at 950 Terry Fox Drive and the O1R zone affects the MVCA parcel to the north of it.

The site-specific exception to the R3YY zone is to allow modest revisions to setbacks and permitted projections. A comparable exception was previously applied to the adjacent Mattamy subdivision at 570 Hazeldean Road.

The proponent has requested a temporary site-specific exception for the R4S[xxxx] block to permit an office, in conjunction with a sales office, for a three-year period. The intent is to allow Metric Homes to operate both their corporate office and the sales office for the subdivision within one building. A temporary sales office for the purpose of selling residential lots within a subdivision is already permitted in the Zoning By-law.