New Blackstone Bus Route and Fall 2016 Transit Service Changes

I would like to present an overview of the Fall 2016 transit service changes that will be starting on Sunday, September 4. These changes are part of OC Transpo’s regular schedule adjustments, which take place four times a year – April, June, September and December. Transit Commission and City Council members are provided with a summary of the service changes in advance of each new schedule period.

The Fall service changes include three types of modifications:

  • Service adjustments during O-Train Confederation Line construction;
  • Transit network improvements and adjustments; Service adjustments during O-Train Confederation Line construction; and,
  • Seasonal adjustments to service levels and capacity.

Improvements to the Transit Network:

Staff continue to make service improvements across the system, where possible and where warranted by ridership levels. These service changes have been coordinated with ward Councillors and are based on rider input.

Stittsville – Blackstone Community:

  • To transition from the existing privately-operated Blackstone community shuttle to OC Transpo service and better serve the growing area west of Terry Fox Drive and north of Fernbank Road, new Route 167 will provide peak period, peak direction service between Blackstone and Terry Fox Station. Service will operate every 30 minutes.

As I asked staff about possible changes to this depicted route, they have confirmed that as streets designated for transit operations are completed, the route will be revised to provide better route coverage within the Blackstone community.

Service to Tanger Mall:

The departure times of some Route 92 trips in the evening will be adjusted to better accommodate shift end times at Tanger Mall.

Carling Place Campus – Department of National Defence (DND):

  • To improve service in conjunction with the first major phase of the Department of National Defence’s (DND) relocation to Carling Place, several adjustments will be made. All trips on Route 103 and peak period, peak direction trips on Route 101 will be extended from Bayshore Station to Carling Place via Highway 417, using a new bus stop and exclusive busway on the DND grounds at Carling Place.  In addition, Route 182 will be extended to start at Tunney’s Pasture Station rather than Lincoln Fields Station to provide easier connections for many customers.  Service levels and capacity on these routes will be increased to match expected ridership demand.

Transit Service during O-Train Confederation Line Construction

In September, adjustments are being made to some of the current service arrangements to accommodate O-Train Confederation Line construction, as well as a change to the location of the bus platform at LeBreton Station as construction continues.

On September 4, LeBreton Station will be relocated from its current temporary location at Albert Street and Preston Street to a new temporary location at Albert Street and Booth Street. This change will be made when Booth Street reopens between Albert Street and the Sir John A. MacDonald Parkway, and when the temporary Preston Street extension closes. We will have staff on site assisting customers with these changes.

Scheduled running times will be adjusted on Route 91, which travels on bus-only lanes on Regional Road 174 / Highway 417, to better match observed travel times and to improve service reliability.

Service levels will be adjusted on Routes 95 and 98 serving King Edward Avenue, and on Routes 91 and 97, which travel via Nicholas Street and provide faster parallel service.  Route 95 will operate with double-decker buses on certain trips, which will allow the same number of customers to be carried on fewer trips.  During peak periods, capacity is generally being shifted from Routes 95 and 98 to Routes 91 and 97 to better match observed ridership demand.

For full report including Seasonal Service Changes and other service adjustments, please click here.

Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact my office at or 613-580-2476.