Friendly Reminders for the Summer

As summer launches into full swing, there are different challenges that arrive with it. In order to be as courteous to your fellow residents as possible this year, here are some small items which may contribute to a neighbour’s concerns.

Dogs Off-Leash/Cleaning up

While summer is a great time to let your dog run freely in some of the city’s designated off-leash dog parks, they may not be welcomed by all in certain areas such as residential streets or on-leash parks. Many residents may have allergies, young children, or aggressive dogs which react negatively to an off-leash dog’s approach.

In an attempt to ensure that every resident feel safe and comfortable, please limit your dog’s off-leash time to areas where they may play on their own accord.

Additionally, please remember that as a courtesy to all that when you leave the house with your dog to always bring an additional clean-up bag to keep our grass looking fresh and our shoes looking clean. Doggy bags (not the edible kind) should be properly disposed of by either flushing the fecal matter in the toilet at home or in a well secured garbage bag designated for the job. Always be aware of signs indicating “No Animal Waste” as they are usually designated near public rest stops and the smell and bacteria activated on a hot day may cause concerns for health.

Making use of the Sidewalk

The summer is a great time to stay fit by either running or walking but please take precautions for your own safety. Always use a sidewalk and avoid traffic whenever possible. Likewise bicyclists should always be cognizant of available bike lanes or paths which help to separate them from larger, faster vehicles.