Consultation Survey: the next step of Ottawa Public Health’s public consultation about Enhancing Harm Reduction through Supervised Injection Service Sites (SIS) in Ottawa


On June 20th the Board of Health carried forward that Ottawa Public Health (OPH) would implement a comprehensive public and community partner engagement plan to solicit input from members of the public, and community partners with regards to enhanced harm reduction services. Councillor Qaqish along with myself did dissent on the report. As of Thursday July 7th preliminary consultation began with an online survey. The survey is also available in paper hard copy by contacting OPH at 613 580-6744 or email

This survey presents an opportunity for you, as members of the public, to tell OPH their thoughts about harm reduction services in Ottawa SIS.

The survey is anonymous, voluntary, and confidential. The feedback received will be used when making decisions about expanding harm reduction services, and in a summary report that will be posted on the Ottawa Public Health website.

This is a community-wide conversation and as the Chair of the Board of Health I encourage you to participate in this consultation. We need your help to ensure the public’s voice is heard. I ask you to share the survey with your friends and colleagues. The opportunity for the public to provide input will help ensure the public health needs of our community continue to be met and improved. You can share the survey by sending the survey link, re-tweeting OPH or my tweets, or sharing or liking OPH Facebook posts about the survey – @ottawahealth.

Additional future consultation will include stakeholder meetings in late summer early fall of this year.

I will be sure to keep you up to date of this item as it moves forward.