Fernbank Community Entry Feature

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Public Comment July 2016

This fall, the City will build an community entry feature for the Fernbank Community at the intersection of Fernbank Road and Robert Grant Avenue. This feature:
• Is expected to be completed this fall.
• Is a requirement of the Fernbank Community Design Plan.
• Will be completed as part of the Robert Grant Avenue construction project.
• Will feature a sign component on the east side of the intersection.
• Will feature landscaping on both sides of the intersection.

Four options have been provided by the design team for public consideration and comment. All four designs include the community name and proposed landscaping. The finalized entry feature design is anticipated to be complete by the fall of 2016 prior to construction of the feature.
Responses are required by July 22, 2016.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4



Although I have noticed some positive discussion and ideas being talked about, unless it is sent via email, it may not be seen or acknowledged.

As such, I encourage all residents to email me their preferred option.

To do so, or to share additional comments, questions or would like more information, please contact my office at Shad.Qadri@ottawa.ca.

Responses are required by July 22, 2016.