Friendly Reminders for the Summer

As summer approaches, there are different challenges that arrive with it. In order to be as courteous to your fellow residents as possible this year, here is a list of small items which may contribute to a neighbour’s concerns.


While summer is a great time to let your dog run freely in some of the city’s designated off-leash dog parks, they may not be welcomed by all in certain areas such as residential streets or on-leash parks. Many residents may have allergies, young children, or aggressive dogs which react negatively to an off-leash dog’s approach.

In an attempt to ensure that every resident feel safe and comfortable, please limit your dog’s off-leash time to areas where they may play on their own accord.

Additionally, please remember that as a courtesy to all that when you leave the house with your dog to always bring an additional clean-up bag to keep our grass looking fresh and our shoes looking clean.


With the dry heat that consistently strikes at key points of the summer, please try to be conscious that disposing of still-lit cigarettes could result in a fire as a few residents quickly learned last week at a local Tim Hortons.

As cigarettes constitute a hazardous waste and is not biodegradable. Proper disposal of cigarette butts includes placing them in a container and throwing it out together at cigarette receptacles.

Please remember that littering at any time is disrespectful but disposing of lit cigarettes could mean fire hazards. Thank you for helping to keep our neighbourhoods clean.

For more information regarding fire prevention, please visit the City of Ottawa fire services web page here.


Safe-cycling and safe driving when encountering cyclists of all ages on the roadway is everyone’s responsibility. Now that the nicer weather is upon us and the area children are getting ready to welcome their summer holidays, it is a good opportunity to remind motorists to be aware of the increase of cyclists of all ages on our area roads as well as to remind parents and children to cycle safely.

When out on your bikes, you must follow cycling rules in terms of collisions, equipment, helmets, rules of the pathways, and rules of the road including stop signs and red lights. Detailed information on the rules can be found at:

Children should be taught that cyclists must follow the same rules as vehicles. Practice and experience, combined with adult supervision, will reinforce good cycling behaviour. Parents can set a good example by wearing bike helmets themselves.


Now that the nice weather is upon us, it would be an opportune time to let parents and our area youth know about our City Parks as it relates to the Parks and Facilities BY-LAW NO. 2004 – 276. This by-law was established to regulate and to promote responsible enjoyment and use of parks and facilities.

City Parks are open from 5:00am to 11:00pm. No one should be in the park after this time except as a participant or spectator of a function approved by the Director of Parks and Recreation. This is a By-Law offense. No person shall engage in loud, boisterous, threatening, abusive, insulting or indecent language, or engage in any disorderly conduct or behaviour in a park.

Alcoholic beverages, including spirits, liquor, beer, wine or any combination thereof, are not permissible and will not be tolerated.

There are more details available which I encourage you to familiarize yourself with in the full Parks and Facilities BY-LAW NO. 2004 – 276 available through the link below:

If you see anyone in contravention of this by-law, I encourage you to report it immediately. If you see a violent crime or property crime in progress at any City Park, please report it to Police at 911. When you see alcohol and drug use in City parks, please call Police at 613-230-6211. If you witness graffiti & damage to park equipment, and/or general noise violations, please call 311.