Abbott St Tree Removal Update

Last week in my column, I explained that there will be tree trimming on Abbott Street from East of Stittsville Main St to West of Granite Ridge Dr. There are two reasons for this work.


Hydro Ottawa began trimming trees to maintain the required safety and operating clearances of the proposed overhead lines.


Additional to this work, there are Ash trees (approximately 20%) mixed in the bunch which have fallen victim to the Emerald Ash Borer. As a result, these trees will be removed completely in this process.


Hydro Ottawa is currently working on removing the “up-rooted” and “wind-blown” trees to improve the aesthetics along Abbott St. Once this work is complete, the stumps will be removed and the area will be reinstated. There is currently no specific timeline for this work, but I am assured that it will be completed as quickly as possible.


I have been in contact with Hydro Ottawa and they are looking into holding an Open House Information Session in the community to discuss the hydro pole lines they are planning to install on Abbott Street.  More information will be posted in my e-column in the coming weeks.