Outdoor Fireplaces and What You Should Know

If you like to sit in the backyard with an outdoor fireplace, fire pit or chiminea, you should be aware that certain kinds of outdoor appliances are not permitted.

Under the City’s Open Air Fire By-Law (No. 2004-163), outdoor fireplaces that burn wood or solid fuels are strictly prohibited in densely populated areas, such as urban and suburban neighbourhoods including Stittsville, where Open Air Fire Permits are not permitted. This by-law was developed to regulate conditions of open air fires based on practices that are best suited to prevent the spread of fires.

An open air fire refers to the burning of material such as untreated wood, tree limbs and branches where the flame is not wholly contained and includes campfires, brush fires, burn drums, windrows and outdoor fireplaces, but does not include barbecues.

Electric, natural gas, propane and oil outdoor fireplaces are however, permitted.

Visit ottawa.ca for important information about the safe use, transportation and storage of your propane containers.

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