CCTV Cameras for OC Transpo Public Consultation

In June 2014, the City’s Transit Commission approved that, moving forward, all new conventional transit buses be equipped with CCTV cameras.

OC Transpo currently uses CCTV cameras at Transitway stations, O-Train Trillium Line stations, as well as OC Transpo park and rides and administration and maintenance facilities to enhance the safety and security of its customers, employees, property and the transit system as a whole, and to support daily operations. CCTV cameras act as a preventative deterrent of criminal activity and other unwanted behaviour, as video footage can be used to support investigations.

With the introduction of the O-Train Confederation Line in 2018 and the most recent expansion of the Trillium Line, there will be more stations, vehicles and facilities that require CCTV cameras. These upcoming changes warrant a review of the policies that regulate the use of CCTV on OC Transpo property. This review is meant to build upon OC Transpo’s existing Access and Privacy Policy for the Surveillance System for Transit Buses, which meets the requirements of applicable privacy-related legislation. As recommended by the Information & Privacy Commissioner (IPC), OC Transpo will be consulting with its stakeholders, including OC Transpo customers and members of the public, prior to updating this policy. This will demonstrate that all issues have been considered, and that informed decisions are made.

There will be an online public consultation taking place between May 16 and 31, 2016. Feedback will primarily be captured using an online feedback form available on OC Transpo customers and members of the public can also request a feedback form by mail, or request assistance to complete it by calling OC Transpo’s Customer Relations Line at 613-842-3600 or by visiting an OC Transpo Customer Service Centre in person. The feedback received during the consultation will be considered when developing the expanded policy, which will be presented to the Transit Commission for approval this fall.

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