Councillor’s View – Photo Radar Revised Motion

Dear residents,

This past week I was pleased to join the City’s Transportation Committee to discuss the topic of photo radar.

As previously discussed, speeding is one of the top three concerns of Ottawa Police and part of my platform in my last election campaign. I have been working diligently with city staff to research and implement various traffic calming measures aimed at reducing speeds and creating safer streets such as the annual “Slow Down for Us” campaign currently underway and the flex stakes program.

I and my fellow committee members support the belief that photo radar can be another tool in helping us to mitigate speeding in our communities to keep residents and, most importantly, our children safe.

After approval from Council, the motion proposed by committee on Wednesday will authorize a request to the province of Ontario to allow photo radar to operate in school zones as a one-to-two-year pilot project. Once the pilot is complete, committee plans to review the data and the radar’s effectiveness in reducing speed before moving forward. Additionally, any revenue generated from the tickets will be deposited into a fund aimed to support road safety programs, not general City revenue.

Reducing speeding and creating safe streets is important and its primary focus should specifically reflect the safety of our children; as such, I plan on supporting this motion at council.

I believe that this is the best compromise as there has been significant advocacy on both sides of this proposal. I have seen both arguments and have been working diligently in addressing a balance between safety and what opponents believe could become a system of income generation for the city. I have taken resident’s concerns into consideration which is why I have voted to support a motion that tests photo radar before implementing it outright while simultaneously functioning in an optimal location to create safer roads.

To review the motion in its entirety, you can click here.

I look forward to reviewing the findings of the project after the completion of the one-to-two-year pilot. In the meantime, my hope is that photo radar will reduce speeding in school zones, and create safer streets for our children who walk and bike to and from their learning.

The committee’s motion will be presented and voted on at Council next Wednesday, May 11th. Should any residents have questions or comments regarding the topic of photo radar in school zones, or regarding the pilot project itself, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I would be happy to answer your questions or address your concerns. Together, I look forward to continuing our efforts in making the streets of Ottawa, and the streets of Stittsville, safe.


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