5731 Hazeldean Road Proposed Commercial Development

The Planning and Growth Management Department has received a site plan control application for the property municipally known as 5731 Hazeldean Road.

Site Information

The subject site is located northwest of the intersection of Huntmar Drive and Hazeldean Road in the community of Stittsville (see location map here). The site falls within land covered by the Kanata West Concept Plan.

The subject site is approximately 4.6 hectares in size and has 132.6 metres of frontage along Hazeldean Road. The site is currently vacant and well treed throughout with the highest concentration of trees located within northern portion of the site. Poole Creek traverses the northern part of the site, which has been identified as an Urban Natural Area (UNA185 – Poole Creek North).

The surrounding land uses include to the north the Fairwinds community and Tempest Park, and to the east, west and south area vacant lands intended for commercial development.

Application Proposal

The application proposes for a mixed use development consisting of four buildings; two two-storey buildings consisting of commercial uses; a four-storey residential care facility and a five-storey retirement home (see site plan here).

Along the Hazeldean Road frontage are two two-storey commercial buildings with a combined gross floor area (GFA) of 1290m2. It is anticipated that these buildings will have retail uses on the ground floor and offices on the second floor. Located behind the commercial buildings along the eastern property line is a four-storey residential care facility consisting of 256 units and along the western property line is a five-storey retirement home consisting of 185 units. An internal landscaped courtyard is proposed in-between these two buildings.

Vehicular access to the site will be via signalized access off Hazeldean Road. This access is to be shared with the site to the west. A total 454 parking spaces are proposed to accommodate the four buildings, the majority of which will be located within an underground parking garage with the exception of approximately 30 surface parking spaces.

Pedestrian pathways and sidewalks are proposed throughout the site providing connections to the public sidewalk on Hazeldean Road, each of the four buildings and the internal courtyard.

Located at the rear of the site is an area zoned Parks and Open Space Subzone R (O1R) comprising of 1.55 hectares of the total 4.6 hectares. This area includes a portion of Poole Creek and UNA 185 and will be transferred to the City of Ottawa to ensure its protection and preservation. Within the Poole Creek corridor an interconnected nature trail system has been planned. Through the site plan application process the appropriate location of a nature trail within these lands will be determined. The addition of this portion of the trail will provide a missing connection to the adjacent lands, including the Fairwinds community and Tempest Park.

Urban Design Review Panel (UDRP)

The site is located within an Arterial Main Street designation which is considered a Design Priority Area which requires the application to go to the Urban Design Review Panel (UDRP) for review and comment. This item has not formally been added to the UDRP schedule yet however the applicant is targeting the June 2nd meeting. More information on the UDRP can be found at the following link:


A formal circulation providing further details will be provided in the future which will include a time period to provide comments on the proposal development. More information will be available in the coming weeks on my website and on www.ottawa.ca/devaps.

The City Planner assigned to this file is Mike Schmidt who can be reached via email at Mike.Schmidt@ottawa.ca or 613.580.2424 x13431.

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