Tree Stump Removal

There are planned stump removal activities in Stittsville scheduled to occur between September and November 2016. Forestry Services will only be removing stumps in locations where the tree was removed between July 31 to December 31, 2015. Please note that Forestry Services only reinstates with top soil and seed and does not reinstate landscaping components found on the road right of way.

Stumping is required to maintain safety and aesthetics for site reinstatement.

The lawn has been reinstated with topsoil and grass seed in the affected area.

You can help grow a healthy lawn by watering the grass seed. During the first few weeks, keep the seeded area moist but not saturated with water. Frequent light watering is preferred, especially on hot, sunny days. After 4‐6 weeks the seeded area can be treated as you would the rest of your lawn.

For more information on the City’s Forestry programs, visit: or call 3‐1‐1.

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