Negotiations on redevelopment of LeBreton Flats to begin with RendezVous LeBreton Group

This week, the National Capital Commission’s Board of Directors authorized the NCC to begin negotiations for the redevelopment of LeBreton Flats with RendezVous LeBreton Group, and to report back to the Board with a status update in November 2016.

The evaluation committee assessed both proposals and ranked RendezVous LeBreton Group’s proposal highest. The Committee also considered the extensive comments provided by the public and stakeholders during consultations.

The evaluation committee concluded the following:

• That both proposals passed the mandatory and points-rated requirements of the competition
• That both RendezVous LeBreton Group and Devcore Canderel DLS Group have experienced teams capable of delivering the proposed projects and would be ready to enter into negotiations with the NCC
• That the level of conditionality and the financial terms proposed by the proponents would need to be addressed in negotiations.

The Board of Directors’ authorization is in accordance with Section 13.2 of the Request for Proposals, which states that the NCC can enter into negotiations with the highest ranked proponent and, failing successful negotiations, can enter into negotiations with the second-highest ranked proponent.

Negotiations will include fair market value of development lands, remediation, phasing, public realm ownership, pathway connectivity and stakeholder engagement, among other topics. Should a final agreement be reached, it will be submitted to the federal government for approval.

The project will then shift to the municipal sphere for official plan and zoning amendments, where citizens will have further opportunities to engage in the process.

Quick Facts
• The competitive process to redevelop 21 hectares of prime land on LeBreton Flats began in 2014 with a request for qualifications that led to four teams being invited to submit detailed proposals. On December 15, 2015, Devcore Canderel DLS Group and RendezVous LeBreton submitted detailed proposals.
• A total of 7,939 Canadians submitted written comments on the proposals, and more than 3,000 participated either person at the open house or via live broadcast during two weeks of public consultations in January and February 2016.
• LeBreton Flats is home to the Canadian War Museum, a multi-residential development, festival grounds, multi-use pathways, the Mill Street Brew Pub, the forthcoming National Holocaust Monument, and is also adjacent to the soon-to-be completed Ottawa light rail transit system.
I have high hopes that this will mean great progress for the future of the Ottawa Senators. However, it goes without saying that as Councillor for Stittsville, this news leaves me with mixed emotions. The Canadian Tire Centre has been a landmark for Stittsville since its days of the Palladium in 1996 and has been an important cultural building and economic generator for all west-end businesses. That said, I do have faith in the success of Stittsville’s local businesses and believe that this will encourage innovation and leadership for our community to grow.

I anxiously await the programs of the plans that the Senators foundation is preparing for the CTC in its current location. As I have said many times previously, I still want this venue to remain as an economic generator for the West-end community. I look forward to working continuously with the Senators organization and my West-end colleagues.

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