Immunize CA Phone App

As chair of the Ottawa Board of Health I was pleased to attend the announcement made last Friday, by Federal Minister of Health Jane Philpott, of the $3.5 million investment over three years for ImmunizeCA. The announcement was made at Ottawa Public Health’s main immunization clinic 100 Constellation Drive.

The mobile app ImmunizeCA helps Canadians store and manage their families’ vaccination records close at hand. It provides access to vaccination schedules based on information specific to people’s home province or territory, and to reliable, expert-approved information about vaccinations for children, adults and travellers. It also offers useful tools such as appointment reminders and local outbreak notifications. Since the launch of Phase One in 2014, ImmunizeCA has been downloaded by more than 140,000 users. The goal of Phase Two is to increase app uptake to 500,000 family accounts.

The app will be enhanced and expanded in a collaborative project led by researchers from The Ottawa Hospital with support from the Canadian Public Health Association, Immunize Canada and the Better Outcomes Registry and Network at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

Phase Two will create a digital platform that will allow for:

  • Secure access to information so that all family members can share their records;
  • More functions, including a web-based platform (access through a laptop/desktop computer, as well as through a mobile phone);
  • Ability to integrate with provincial immunization records;
  • Customizable schedules and information for individuals with health conditions, such as children with inflammatory bowel disease; and,
  • Catch-up schedules for newcomers to Canada, including refugees.

The ImmunizeCA app is available for secure, free download at the Apple App Store and Google Play. It can also be accessed online at

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