Underground multimedia experience to showcase Ottawa’s subterranean side in 2017

The Ottawa 2017 Bureau and Mayor Jim Watson, in collaboration with lead partner CIBC, announced this week a world first: an impressive underground multimedia production in the city’s highly anticipated light rail train system.

The Confederation Line of Ottawa’s new Light Rail Transit (LRT) service is scheduled to launch in May 2018. To showcase this modern mode of travel and to build anticipation for this new era of transportation in the nation’s capital, the Lyon Station will be open to the public for a free, innovative multimedia experience in the summer of 2017.

The production, which will run for a period of approximately ten weeks, will highlight this once-in-a-generation infrastructure project, its role in transforming Ottawa, and will galvanize the support and anticipation of Ottawa’s residents for the LRT network one year before it officially opens.

The announcement took place in the former Place de Ville theatre, which will be updated and included as part of the experience, alongside the newly built Lyon Station.

Following an open, competitive process, Moment Factory, a world-renowned Canadian production company, has been commissioned to bring Executive Director of the Ottawa 2017 Bureau, Guy Laflamme’s original concept of an underground experience to life. Moment Factory is no stranger to creating large-scale productions in Ottawa, having produced the original version of Mosaika in 2010, the popular sound and light show on Parliament Hill.

“At Moment Factory, we tell stories with light, video and sound. But more than this, we bridge the divide between the digital and physical realms to allow a sense of magic to flourish,” said Sakchin Bessette, Co-Founder. “We are honoured to collaborate with Ottawa 2017 on this futuristic, momentum-building project to tell the story of a city in motion toward an innovative and connected future.”

The full concept and title of the underground multimedia experience will be revealed soon.

Ottawa 2017 is thrilled to present this project as one of its Signature Events and thanks their lead partner CIBC, the Government of Ontario, Ottawa Tourism and the Government of Canada for their contributions. To make this exciting event happen in its remarkable subterranean location, Ottawa 2017 is collaborating with the City of Ottawa’s Rail Implementation Office, Brookfield Office Properties and Rideau Transit Group, the consortium delivering the Confederation Line, the first stage of Ottawa’s LRT project.

For more information on the Lyon Station cavern and Confederation Line, visit http://www.ligneconfederationline.ca/.

Stay informed on plans for Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations in the capital by visiting ottawa2017.ca, or follow on Twitter @2017ottawa (#Ottawa2017) and on Facebook.

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