6111 and 6141 Hazeldean Road Update

This week, the Planning Committee recommendations for the Potter’s Key were supported by City Council.  At Council, a motion was put forward with respect to small adjustments in zoning.

This motion will provide for a variety of unit types similar to the Minto houses constructed in the nearby Arcadia subdivision.  The reduced front-yard setback will allow for front porches and entrances of homes to be set closer to the street, while maintaining the required parking clearances for garages per the zoning by-law.  There will be no loss of front–yard parking or areas required.

Similarly, the side setback is changed to pull the houses closer to the street, providing a better pedestrian environment.  No change to rear-yards are proposed.

As approved at Planning Committee there is the stipulation that only single detached units are to back onto existing detached units in the Echowoods and Jackson Trails subdivisions.

This motion was presented as a result of requests from residents concerned about having like-properties backing onto one another in the Potter’s Key Development. For more background, please visit my website here.

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