Residential Protective Plumbing Program – Review and Proposed Program Updates

The Residential Protective Plumbing Program (RPPP) provides financial assistance to qualified City of Ottawa residents for the installation of protective plumbing devices, such as sump pumps and storm and sanitary backwater valves to prevent water and sewage from entering homes through service connections.


A review of the current program was initiated to identify opportunities to update and improve the program and determine a consistent funding level. This report presents the findings and recommendations from the recent review of the City’s program.


The proposed changes to the Residential Protective Plumbing Program could:

– improve the resiliency of the wastewater collection system

– increase the availability of the program

– simplify the application process

– improve knowledge/understanding of the risks/hazards associated with sewer flooding events.


The review also identified a Service Warranty Program that has been adopted by the City of Hamilton. The Service Warranty Program, an optional opt-in program for residential property owners, would:

– address unplanned, potentially costly repair work to the private portion of water service lines and sewer laterals, and in-home plumbing

– improve the property owners access to qualified contractors (one stop shop)

– co-ordinate work with various City departments.


The Residential Protective Plumbing Program funding ($1M) was approved as part of the 2016 Rate Capital Program. It is proposed that the program continue to be funded at this level on an ongoing basis. Maintaining the current program funding and implementing the proposed changes will provide an opportunity to increase program participation.


The proposed changes will be discussed at the City’s Environment Committee on February 16, to view the report and agenda please visit here.