Proposed Drive-Through Restaurant at 1251 Stittsville Main Street

The City of Ottawa has received a Site Plan application to permit the development of a new one storey restaurant with associated drive-through (File Number D07-12-15-0198).  Located at the northeast corner of Stittsville Main Street and Carp Road, the subject site is currently occupied by the Browns Your Independent Grocery Store.

The purpose of this application is to permit the development of a new one storey restaurant, with associated drive-through, within the southwest corner of the subject site. The tenants of the building have not been confirmed at the time.  The proposed building is to be located along Stittsville Main Street, so as to help define the street edge, and has been designed to reflect the ‘village’ character of the area. No additional vehicular accesses are proposed, parking will be shared with the existing retail food store, and the proposed drive-through has been located to the rear of the building.


The site is designated Traditional Mainstreet pursuant to the City of Ottawa Official Plan, Traditional Mainstreet within the Crossing Bridge Precinct in the Stittsville Main Street Secondary Plan and Community Design Plan, and is zoned Traditional Mainstreet Subzone 9, Exception 2270.  Please note that the City cannot dictate what specific business is established, but it will have the follow the City’s approved uses in the zoning by-law.


For more information on this development please visit my website here.


The public is encouraged to provide comments and questions by February 24th to myself and City Planner, Amanda Marsh at or 613-580-2424, ext. 13409.