Bradley Craig Barn

This past Wednesday Ottawa City Council approved the application to move the Bradley Craig Barn to Saunders Farm.  Council in addition supported the motion that I had put forward at Planning Committee on January 26th which included a number of conditions associated with the move.


For background information on why I have supported the relocation of Bradley Craig Barn from Hazeldean Road to Saunders Farm you can visit here.


I would like to thank all the residents and staff who have been involved in this file.


The Bradley Craig barn is part of the Bradley Craig farmstead, a property consisting of the large dairy barn, a Gothic Revival style brick farmhouse and the associated farm yard. The property is located at 590 Hazeldean Road between Terry Fox Drive and Iber Road.  The property owner submitted an application to demolish the Bradley/Craig Barn and reconstruct it approximately 20 kilometers away at Saunders Farm.