Stittsville Street Names Requiring Renaming

In 2001, 11 former cities and townships were amalgamated into the new City of Ottawa. Combining these municipalities resulted in many duplicate and similar sounding street names as many of our communities share local history and geography.

Following amalgamation, the primary focus for resolving street name problems was the elimination of identical street names and street type designation (i.e. Main Street former Goulbourn and Main Street former Ottawa, and is now known as Stittsville Main Street).

However, Stittsville as well as the City of Ottawa as a whole, still has a number of street names that can cause confusion, not only to area residents but to Emergency Services, and require resolution.

Stittsville has 6 street names that are similar and or identical to other streets within the City of Ottawa which can be problematic and are now in the process of accepting replacement street names. The lists of streets listed below have been confirmed and will require name or civic number changes.

Property owners who will be specifically affected will be notified by mail.

They are as follows:

  • Bell Street
  • Goulbourn Street
  • Elm Crescent
  • Long Meadow Way
  • Meadowland Drive
  • Walker Road


Stittsville Road Renaming Map PDF

The City’s most important objective in rectifying the confusing street names is to attain a balance between creating the most optimal solution from a wayfinding and public safety standpoint, while minimizing the impact to residents and businesses. Therefore the primary factor in making the decision is based on the number of addresses affected that is the street with the lower number of addresses would be the one to change.  With that said, there is also sensitivity to the fact that there are other important attributes associated with each street name.

In the event that the number of addresses affected is relatively close between the pair or group of confusing street names, we do consider the following other factors: historical significance of the name of the street, when the street was developed, the function and amount of traffic the street is to carry, and landmarks.  Since in every situation for the six streets affected in Stittsville the other factors were very similar to the other streets being compared, it is the number of properties affected that is the deciding factor in each case.

A comparison of the street data is available below:

Street Comparison Chart

Next Steps


City staff are accepting replacement street name suggestions which will then be screened to ensure they are appropriate. Information about the street name change process and how you can be involved in the selection of a new name for these streets is available on the City’s website at . Those submitting names to recognize a person will also be required to submit an application for Commemorative Naming approval. The replacement street names will be reviewed by the City and a final decision will be made by the Director of Building Code Services under delegated authority from Council and following consultation with myself.


If you are interested in submitting a street name change for the aforementioned streets in Stittsville please provide your recommendations by February 8th, 2016 to Rebecca Anderson, Program and Project Management Officer, with the Building Code Services Branch at or 613-580-2424, ext. 28121.