Flewellyn Jones House Heritage Designation Approval

On January 14th the Built Heritage Sub-Committee approved the heritage designation for the Flewellyn Jones House is located at 5897 Fernbank Road.   The Flewellyn/Jones House, is a one-and-one-half-storey stone farmhouse located on Fernbank Road near the corner of Shea Road in former Goulbourn Township near Stittsville. The house was constructed in 1886 for the Flewellyn/Jones family who were early settlers in the area.

The Committee also approved a motion which I requested and had Councillor Wilkinson put forward on my behalf as I am not a member of this committee.  The motion directed the removal of the apple orchard from the list of heritage attributes; acknowledged cultural heritage value of the apple orchard and direct staff to work with the property owner to retain and incorporate as much of the orchard as possible through the development review process; and directed staff to work with the new property owner to assess the condition of the building and if a new foundation is required, the potential relocation of the building on the site.

Recently I had the opportunity to visit the Flewellyn Jones House and I was able to see the great character the house has to offer.  I walked through the house with the prospective purchaser who wishes to update the building for therapeutic offices and it was wonderful to see their enthusiasm for this house.  Undertaking the renovations at on a building of age this a huge project that the prospective owner is willing to undertake as they see the true beauty of the house and its potential.  I very much look forward to seeing the finished product. 

The approved recommendation for heritage designation from Built Heritage Sub-Committee will now go forward to Planning Committee and City Council for final approval.