Where is My Plow

With the recent weather event there have been inquiries from residents, pertaining to changes to the City’s snow plowing levels of service. I can confirm that the City’s Maintenance Quality Standards for winter operations remain consistent and unchanged from those that were approved by Council in 2003, and there have been no changes to these standards for the

2015-2016 winter seasons; the standard threshold for residential streets remains 7 cm.

Since the outset last week’s storm, all equipment and personnel have been on the roadways and sidewalks working in accordance with the existing standards. The City’s pilot web-tool, Where Is My Plow, has received over 62,000 hits and has been working well for the most part. Based on feedback received from myself and residents, staff will be refining the tool’s messaging and working out a few technical details.

  • Where is My Plow is a web-based tool in its pilot phase.
  • If a street that is entered in the Where is My Plow tool is not on a residential snow clearing beat but rather a higher serviced Arterial or Collector Street it will provide a message that the address provided is not a residential street. The tool will only predict plowing times on residential roads.
  • If a plow is not on a residential route for any reason, the tool will inform the resident that it is unable to estimate the time remaining. It will also ask the resident to check again later.
  • The City of Ottawa is monitoring the operation of this pilot project, and is happy to obtain resident feedback on the tool.
  • The City will continue to monitor and review the tool and provide updates as required.

Salt runs are generally more frequent and less predictable and are not included in Where is My Plow