Maple Grove & Huntmar Intersection Lane Modification Recommendations

I would like to thank all the residents that provided their comments on the recommended lane modifications for the intersection of Maple Grove Road and Huntmar Drive.  In addition I would also like to thank the Fairwinds Community Association for working with my office and for collecting responses from the community.  Since the installation of the traffic signal at this intersection there has been increasing concerns in regards to the northbound pavement markings.


Recommendation for Huntmar dedicated left turn lane

The following table provides an overview of the combined responses received through my office and the Fairwinds Community Association.  As indicated below, 71% of respondents felt that they preferred another option to the ones provided.  The majority of the comments received from these responses indicated that they would like the northbound approach painted with a dedicated left turn lane and a shared right turn/straight through lane.  Given the majority support for this recommendation I have requested that the Traffic Staff to take the necessary steps to make this modification which will also include the removal of the dedicated bicycle lane.   I have requested staff undertake this work as soon as possible and am currently waiting for a timeline as to when this work can be completed.


Huntmar and Maple Grove Intersection Lane Modification Options
November/December 2015
76 Residents provided responses
Option 1
Shared left through lane and exclusive right turn lane with no bike lane
9 12%
Option 2
Shared north bound left/ through/right lane
7 9%
Option 3
Shared north bound left/through/right lane with dedicated north bound bike lane. This option reflects the north bound approach when the intersection is operated with stop control for all direction
4 5%
I like the intersection as it is currently designed 2 3%
Other Option
Majority of these responses requested a dedicated left turn lane and a shared right turn/straight through lane on Huntmar traveling northbound
Responses also included a request for roundabout
54 71%


Roundabout Request

Another prominent comment I received was the request to install a roundabout at this location.  City Council directed staff to consider a roundabout as one of the possible alternative traffic control measures at newly warranted intersections. As such a roundabout feasibility screening tool was conducted at this intersection.  One of the criteria to consider for a single lane roundabout is that it requires at least 44 m diameter of property at the intersection.

As a result of the development of three of the four quadrants (NW, SW and SE) of this intersection, it was not possible to meet this threshold as the diagonal between the southeast and northwest corners is below this number.  The City would have to purchase property and potentially demolish some homes to construct  the roundabout, which is not feasible to do at this location.  Therefore, the decision was made to move forward with the installation of the traffic control signal.

Future Huntmar Road Widening

The City’s Transportation Master Plan (TMP) includes the plan for Huntmar Road to be widened to 4 lanes in the future from Maple Grove to Palladium and from Campeau to Cyclone Taylor.  At this time the widening project is outlined in Phase 3 of the TMP for the timeframe of 2026-2031.  This timeline was provided in the TMP in the 2013.  It is important to note that the TMP is reviewed every 5 years and I have been working with City staff to review opportunities to bring this project to an earlier timeline given the extensive growth in the area.  To review the transportation projects in the area identified in the TMP please visit my website here.