So what is happening with 1491 Main Street anyways?


Byrex Developments Inc took ownership of the site, 1491 Stittsville Main Street in the summer of 2015. I have had an opportunity to meet with the new owner and was pleased with the preliminary discussions we had regarding the site.  The owners conveyed a commitment to completing a development on the site and they have advised me that their team is creating new designs and are planning to reveal them to the community in late 2015, however please note any public meetings may not happen until the new year as we are approaching the holiday season.

When I last met with the owners in the summer they committed to an intention to complete development of the site and would be bringing revised plans forward to the community.  I know they have had some discussions with the City on development plans to move forward, but I have not seen a concept plan at this time.

As the new owner is interested in developing the site the City is working with them through discussions on their development plans.

I can assure you that I too have been very concerned by the state of this development and prior to the new owners taking over the site in the Spring I was having the City review what enforcement they could take to have the site completed.  With the new owners I am hopeful to hear from them soon with a revised plan and timeline for construction.

I will be providing updates through my community e-column as this item moves forward.