Road classification and what to expect during a Snow storm


During a snow event or storm Ottawa’s resources are deployed systematically in time to clear snow accumulation. All roads are grouped in classes and by type. They are listed in the Council approved Mainenance Quality Standards for Roads, Sidewalks and Pathways. These standards are used to prioritize how frequently roads are plowed, how ice is controlled and how snow is removed. High priority roads and most arterial roads are dealt with first. Please visit the following link for more detail:

Where is my Plow?

The City of Ottawa is committed to helping make our city safe for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. During a winter snow storm Where is my plow enables the public to review real time estimates for city snow clearing equipment. Residents can get real-time estimates for residential streets only.

Video – For more information, watch the video about winter snow clearing operations in Ottawa.

The City of Ottawa time estimator will be activated during winter snow events when 7 cm or more is forecast by Environment Canada or the City’s weather provider, requiring plowing of residential streets. Follow us on Twitter @ottawacityand Facebook City of Ottawa