Carp River Restoration Project (CRRP) Update

The CRRP project will improve the function of the Carp River while allowing development to proceed on lands near the river.

A detailed project history and summary of events can be found on the City’s website:

The City and the Kanata West Owners Group (KWOG) acted as co-proponents for the environmental assessments (EAs) for Kanata West including the Carp River, Poole Creek, and Feedmill Creek Restoration, and are also funding partners for the project (KWOG-70% and City-30%).

After a lengthy process, the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change approved the EA for the Carp River Restoration Project on March 30, 2011, and the supporting modeling was subsequently validated and calibrated. The implementation of the Official Plan amendment was one of the conditions required by the Minister’s Decision dated March 30, 2011. On July 11, 2012, Official Plan Amendment (OPA) 104 was passed by City Council, which established the Carp River Restoration Policy Area. As part of the March 30, 2011 approval, the Minister specified that the project had to commence by March 30, 2013.

The project commenced prior to March 30, 2013, and associated infrastructure works crossing the Carp River in the area of the future Campeau Drive extension were constructed. Further, restoration work was undertaken in the winter of 2015 that was linked to construction of an abutting stormwater management pond. There was a delay in the balance of the project proceeding in 2013/2014 as the City and KWOG undertook a comprehensive value engineering exercise that brought the estimated costs down by over $3 million. Since that time, the design drawings have been finalized, the tender process completed and all necessary permits and approvals granted.

City and KWOG Agreement

The City and KWOG have entered into a Development and Cost Sharing Agreement for the Carp River Restoration Project, dated December 14, 2014.

Clause 2.2 (d) I of the Agreement specifies that “City Staff will confirm with City Council which Contractor is recommended for the Construction Contract and the Tendered Price in order to proceed with the Project.” In addition, prior to the awarding of the tender, KWOG must provide to the City with a list of participating landowners. They must also post the required financial securities for the project.

CRRP Tender Results

KWOG oversaw the tender process and is recommending that the project be awarded to Karson Asphalt Paving Inc., operating as Karson Konstruction. This company met pre-qualification requirements of the tender process and was the low bidder. The tender price from Karson was $13,181,000 including contingency. The City’s share of the tender price is 30% and therefore represents $3,954,000 of the cost. The City has received the required securities for KWOG’s share of Phase 1 costs pursuant to the agreement, and the funds for the City’s share of Phase 1 costs are also in place.

The overall project cost includes contract administration, permits and approvals, archaeological study and on site mitigation work, land acquisition, and the City’s modeling costs, which are above and beyond the tender price. The total project cost is now estimated at $18,089,000, which represents an increase of 22% from the 2013 estimate of $14,784,000. The previous total project cost of $14,784,000 from 2013 was based on a Class B Design Level estimate, which typically varies by around 15% from final cost. Inflation, higher unit excavation costs, more detailed geotechnical information, as well as archaeological costs account for the increase in cost since 2013. The City’s total share of the project is estimated to be $5,514,000, which is an increase of $1,056,400 from the current budget authority of $4,458,000.

At this point the City anticipates an additional total budget pressure of approximately $1,056,400 to be secured through the budget process in 2017 in order to be able to complete the project as required by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. The increase in cost is not unexpected given the amount of time that has passed since the initial 2006 EA.

Project Timing

The balance of the project will be constructed in two phases:

  • Phase 1 Richardson Side Road to Highway 417: Substantial completion by the end of 2016;
  • Phase 2 Highway 417 to Hazeldean Road: Substantial completion by the end of 2017; and
  • Project wrap up in 2018.

Should you have any further questions or concerns, please contact my office.