Commercial Development at Hazeldean and Iber Road

This week I provided my concurrence on the commercial development at the corner of Hazeldean and Iber Road.  The development application was originally submitted in 2013.

The subject site consists of three parcels of land 5734 and 5754 Hazeldean Road and 2 Iber Road. These parcels are bound by Iber Road, Hazeldean Road and Fringewood Drive and are located south of Hazeldean Road, west of Iber Road and east of Fringewood Drive in the Stittsville community.

Surrounding land uses include existing light industrial uses located within the Stittsville Business Park to the east and south along Iber Road; a City park (Fringewood Park) is located to the immediate south along Fringewood Drive; low-rise residential uses are located south-west of the subject properties in the Fringewood neighbourhood. The site directly abuts a City sewage pumping station to the south along Fringewood Drive and a City fire station south along Iber Road.

Combined, the properties are approximately 44,365 m² in area and are currently vacant with sparsely planted trees. A watercourse (Hazeldean Creek) currently bisects the properties and outlets to the Carp River to the north-east.

The purpose of this application is to accommodate the development of the subject lands into a multi-building commercial plaza with a mix of retail, commercial, and office uses.  The proposed development will consist of a total of eight (8) building; six (6) one-storey retail/commercial buildings and two (2) two-storey office buildings, one of which is to contain ground floor retail.

Since the original application the main changes are summarized as follows:

  • Paved pathway added along the eastern side of Frindgewood Drive.
  • Access to Frindgewood Drive restricted leaving the site to right-out only (no left turns on Frindgewood permitted) will be controlled through signage.
  • Original plan had a east bound deceleration taper on Hazeldean Road this has been removed since was not warranted existing trees on Hazeldean Road now preserved.
  • Latest plan has added two pedestrian nodes on Hazeldean Road.

It is anticipated that the City will be providing final approval in the near future.  I am not aware of the applicant’s timeline for development at this time.

For more information please contact my office and the City Planner, Mike Schmidt at .