Blackstone Transit Community Shuttle

Residents and guests in the Blackstone and Fernbank Crossing communities have access to a free Community Shuttle, provided by area home builders. This is a unique arrangement has been planned in co-operation with OC Transpo, as the City of Ottawa has developed policies to encourage transit use as early as possible in new developing communities.

What is the shuttle service?

Beginning on August 31st, 2015 and lasting for a period of no less than one full year, a free luxury mid-size bus will be provided for shuttle service to and from the Terry Fox transit station at the Kanata Centrum.

The Community Shuttle service will operate Monday to Friday every 30 minutes between the hours of:  6:00 – 9:00 AM and 4:00 – 7:00 PM.   Service will begin at the Blackstone entrance, pick up at 6:00 AM.  Please note that the service will not run during statutory holidays.

Where does the shuttle run?

Please refer to the attached map for an image of the Route.  During the morning, the Community Shuttle will start at Westphalian Avenue and Rouncy Road, travel via Terry Fox Drive, turn right on Fernbank Road, then right on Robert Grant Avenue. Pick up will be at Bobolink Drive and Robert Grant Avenue, and the shuttle will continue via Iber Road to Terry Fox Station. During the afternoon, the same routing will be used.

Community Shuttle bus stops will be located at:

– Bobolink Drive / Robert Grant Avenue

– Rouncey/Westphalian Avenue

– Terry Fox Transit Station

There will be one slight adjustment to the route in the coming months as a section of Cope Road is completed in the Fernbank Crossing community.

Who runs the shuttle service?
The service has been subcontracted to 417 Bus Line Ltd., a privately-owned transportation firm. Should there be any questions
about the Community Shuttle (including timing, cleanliness or performance), please contact Mario Laplante of 417 Bus Line Ltd.
directly at: or (613) 764-2192.

When will OC Transpo provide transit service to residents?

At this time, Blackstone community is under the ownership of the developers involved.  As such, residents and guests in the Blackstone and Fernbank Crossing communities will have access to a free Community Shuttle, provided by area home builders.

City staff at OC Transpo provided the following information regarding OC Transpo service being provided in the Blackstone community.

  • The peak-period base route network is typically expanded into a new residential area when development approval has been given for at least 250 new housing units to accommodate a population of approximately 750. These units would also be located more than 400 metres walking distance away from other routes on the all-day or peak period base route network. Note that this standard is subject to the availability of designated transit streets as OC Transpo endeavors to only operate on such streets in the early stage of the development. This is meant to be consistent with future transit service through communities.
  • With respect to the Blackstone and Fernbank Crossing community, it is anticipated that OC Transpo will operate bus service through the community along the designated transit streets of Cope Drive and Rouncey Road.  Because these streets are not available yet, it is not possible at the moment to operate service through the community.
  • The aim of operating along designated transit streets is to foster transit usage by introducing consistency between the proposed shuttle service and future transit plans.

Please note the route has changed since it was advertised earlier this year in my community column.  The original route had included streets that were not designated as transit routes and it is important to ensure that the shuttle use streets designated for transit use.

For more information please review the below Frequently Asked Questions notice:

Community Shuttle FAQ – August 21 2015 (Rev)