1491 & 1493 Stittsville Main St – Residential and Mixed Use (known as Reverie)

The Reverie development is located at 1491 & 1493 Stittsville Main St., located on the east side of Stittsville Main St., slightly north of Abbott St. and opposite Manchester St.  Residents have raised concerns with the slow development of this site and the nature of the development.

In 2011, Site Plan and Zoning applications for this development was approved by the City of Ottawa.  The Site Plan consists of five storey mixed-use building fronting onto Stittsville Main Street and the rear of the site is approved for five three-storey buildings for a total of 24 stacked residential units.

Byrex Developments Inc took ownership of the site in the summer of 2015 and I have had an opportunity to meet with the new owner and was pleased with the preliminary discussions we had regarding the site.  The owners conveyed a commitment to completing a development on the site and they have advised me that their team is creating new designs and are planning to reveal them to the community in late 2015.

At this time this is all the information I have but once I have an opportunity to speak with the new owner I will share more information with the community through my community column.

Developments such as this one is one of reasons I requested the City undertake the Stittsville Main Street Community Design Plan (CDP) because of the individual spot zonings taking place on the street.  I feel these types of developments illustrate the need for the City to ensure that Stittsville Main Street in the future has a blueprint for its progress as development continues along the street.  I am pleased that the Stittsville Main Street CDP was approved on August 26, 2015.  For more information on the CDP please visit here.

Location Map

Location Map

1491 & 1493 Stittsville Main Approved Site Plan