Stittsville Main Street Community Design Plan (CDP)



Stittsville Main Street is a very important feature to our community and represents the village atmosphere of Stittsville.  I requested the Stittsville Main Street Community Design Plan (CDP) in 2009 because of the individual spot zonings taking place on the street, which I felt illustrated the need for the City to ensure that Stittsville Main Street in the future has a blueprint for its progress as development continues along the street.

Through the process, City staff and I have heard the residents’ concerns regarding the allowable height and density provisions for Stittsville Main Street as well as traffic concerns.  City staff revised CDP based on the comments received and made changes to strengthen the draft CDP and associated Secondary Plan and Zoning By-law.

I strongly supported the Stittsville Main Street CDP and was very pleased it was approved by Ottawa City Council on August 26, 2015.  The CDP along with the Secondary Plan will be a very important document to help guide future growth on Stittsville Main Street.

Below is a summary of the amendments as they relate to each of the three documents. Many of the changes were made in response from resident feedback and internal and agency feedback on the drafts presented to the community on May 20th.  If you require an annotated version of the CDP illustrating the exact changes, I can provide you with a digital copy.

Community Design Plan:

  • Policies in Section 3.0 are a direct match to what has been included in the Secondary Plan.
  • Additional policy direction from Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority related to Poole Creek and adjacent development or pathways.
  • Additional information from OC Transpo.
  • Revised Appendix I, to focus directly on the Study Area of the CDP.

Secondary Plan:

  • All lands within the study area will now receive a designation to further define what is permissible instead of locating lands beyond Main Street in the general urban area designation.
  • Addition of 3 new land use categories:
    Low-Rise Residential
    Open Space
  • Additional direction/clarification provided for approved but un-built projects.
  • Secondary Plan policies are clearly linked to Section 3.0 of the CDP.
  • Addition of “What Makes Stittsville Main Street Unique?” Section to provide further rationale for the recommendations and policies.

Zoning By-law:

  • No residential properties that are designated Traditional Mainstreet will be rezoned. If a property owner of a residential property located in the Traditional Mainstreet designation wishes to rezone their property to a TM Zone, they must apply for a rezoning. This will ensure that there is a public process and community involvement in the rezoning of any residential properties currently zoned residential.
  • Enhanced wording related to building walls to be located within 3 m of a front lot line depending on the width of a lot.
  • Removal of grading requirement due to new Zoning By-law definitions for basement and storey and associated below grade requirements.
  • Parking location is already prohibited in the front and corner side yard in the TM Zone. This does not require an additional amendment.

Stittsville Main Street Community Design Plan

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