Commemorative Naming Approved for Robert Grant Avenue

The Commemorative Naming request I initiated has been officially approved by the City of Ottawa.  City Council has approved the existing Founder Avenue be re-named Robert Grant Avenue to recognize two individuals who played an important role in the history and development of Goulbourn. The street which runs from Fernbank Road to lands extending past existing Abbott Street East is in an area currently under development.

Robert Grant (1793-1870) was an early settler in the area, a prominent figure in the community, and a representative of Goulbourn in the local government. He owned a considerable amount of land in Carleton County and was known for his progressive farming methods. He was involved in the potash and lumber industries, had a general store in the area, was a Captain in the militia, and served in the battles of Ogdensburg and Windmill in the 1830s. He was a warden of the Anglican Church and died in the Carleton County fire of 1870 while attempting to save church records from his home.

Robert H. Grant (1860-1930) was Robert Grant’s son. He continued his father’s political legacy and farmed on the family’s property. He held political office and a variety of public service positions in Goulbourn Township, and went on to serve as provincial Minister of Education from 1919 to 1923.

The street name “Robert Grant”, recognizing the significance of both Robert Grants, and this road runs through the area where the Grant farm was located.