Carp Rd Shoulder-Paving


Dear Residents,

I am pleased to share that the City will be paving the shoulders on Carp Road from Kittiwake Drive to Westbrook as of tomorrow, November 17th. This is a project that has been greatly anticipated by residents for some time. Originally, the shoulder-paving project was only planned from Rothbourne to Westbrook but working with the City, I was able to extend the project to start at Kittiwake as the shoulder was needed to be done in this section as well.


While I do understand that many residents have been hoping that Carp Rd would undergo widening in the near future, unfortunately, due to budget constraints, the widening of Carp Rd is not in the foreseeable future until at least 2020. In the meantime, it is my hopes that this project will help to ensure road conditions are maintained at a consistent quality for the benefit of community members who use the road moving forward until that time comes.


Please see below information on the shoulder paving project and on the future Carp Road widening:


Carp Road Shoulder Paving


The City has contracted Tomlinson to pave the shoulders along Carp Road between Kittiwake Drive to Westbrook.   Weather permitting, shoulder paving will start tomorrow, Friday Nov 17th and be completed by end of day Saturday the 18th. Tomlinson plans to start on the west shoulder and work southbound from Westbrook to Kittiwake. Then, from there, they will move to the other side and work back to Westbrook.  Final grading and tie-ins will be completed next week.


Impacts on traffic associated with this grading work will be limited as it can be completed on the shoulder with minimal roadway encroachment. Two lanes will be maintained at all times (one in each direction). Weekday work (tomorrow) will be restricted to off peak hours to limit impacts on traffic. The cost for the shoulder paving work is $130,000.


Carp Road Widening Project

The widening of Carp Road is a major infrastructure project needed for our community.  I know this is a major route for residents and I am continuing to work with the Mayor’s Office and with the City’s Transportation staff to allocate funding for this project. Stittsville is rapidly growing and the City needs to ensure that we have the transportation routes necessary for residents to access Highway 417.


The Environmental Assessment Study for widening Carp Road (Highway 417 to Hazeldean Road) has been completed and the next step is to complete the detail design phase of the project based on the recommended plan established by the EA study.  As we move closer to the implementation time, the City’s Infrastructure Services Department will undertake the detail design work for this project.


The City’s Transportation Master Plan (Council approved document, last updated in 2013), identifies widening of Carp Road as a Phase 2 project which means a tentative timeline of sometime between 2020 and 2025 in the affordable plan. However, I have been advised by City staff that the Development Charge (DC) revenue is not at the level that the City expected and therefore the rate of project implementation has been affected for Phase 1 projects. Consequently, this has a ripple effect on Phase 2 and Phase 3 projects. As the DC revenue situation improves, the City will be able to pick up the pace of implementation in accordance with the available funding.  At this time and over the next several years, the City is still working on Phase 1 projects.


Please note also that the next TMP Update is planned for completion by end of 2021 or early 2022 and will also re-examine where growth is happening, revisit affordability and project priorities.


In Stittsville there is a large amount of growth taking place and we need to widen this road to help accommodate this growth; as such, I am reviewing the matter of the Development Charges further and will continue to push for this project date to be moved up.


More information regarding other planned road projects in the community will be shared with the community in an upcoming edition of my eNewsletter.

Carp and Hazeldean Traffic Light Survey

For some time, residents have been reaching out to my office regarding the traffic lights at Carp and Hazeldean Rd, requesting that advance left turning lights be installed travelling Eastbound on Hazeldean onto Carp (North toward the 417) and Northbound on Carp onto Hazeldean (West). Previous information has been shared in my newsletter on this intersection which you can review here and here.


I have been reviewing the matter with Traffic staff and would like to present residents with a poll on what options might be feasible to pursue further with staff.


Some general background information:

  • In 2015, this intersection ranked 167th of 955 signalized intersections for accidents in the City with a total of 10 collisions (the highest ranking intersection had 60 collisions)
  • The existing Carp southbound left-turn arrow (turning East onto Hazeldean) is permissive-protective. It is present due to the significant volume of southbound left-turn vehicles competing with the constant flow of northbound straight-through vehicles.
  • Carp Road has two signal phases at the Hazeldean intersection:
    • Southbound left-turn vehicles turn on the green arrow; then the amber arrow clears these left-turn vehicles from the intersection. This whole while, northbound is stopped with a red-ball display and southbound straight-through vehicles proceed on the green-ball display.
    • All northbound and southbound vehicles are then presented with a green-ball display and may proceed (turn left, turn right, go straight) when it is safe to do so.
  • Fully-protected left-turn signal phases facilitate left-turning traffic and usually improves the safety of the intersection for left-turning vehicles. It also separates the left turn movement and pedestrians wishing to cross the street.
  • Left-turn arrows also result in longer cycle lengths, increased vehicle queueing, increased vehicle stopping, and increased vehicle delays.
  • Pedestrian delays may be increased due to the overall increase in vehicle delay.
  • Fully-protected left-turn signal phases display 24 hours per day. These left-turn arrows are not turned off at night.


Option 1 – Eastbound Hazeldean advance left traffic light

  • Westbound Hazeldean will remain without advance left traffic light
  • Traffic staff conducted a review of 12 hours of footage during morning rush hour over 2-month period
    • Concluded that while high, traffic does not spill out of the left turn storage lane
    • Low volume of west bound traffic to interfere with eastbound left turns
  • Because a collision trend is not over-represented, intervention may create new unforeseen problems

Option 2 – Northbound (new) and Southbound (existing) Carp simultaneous advance left traffic lights

  • The future proposed northbound left-turn arrow and southbound left-turn arrow will be fully-protected. Carp Road will have two signal phases at the Hazeldean intersection:
    • Northbound left-turn and southbound left-turn vehicles turn on the green arrow; then the amber arrow clears these left-turn vehicles from the intersection. This whole while, northbound straight-through has a red-ball display and southbound straight-through has a red-ball display.
    • Northbound left-turn vehicles and southbound-left turn vehicles are presented with a red-ball display and may not proceed at all. Northbound straight-through vehicles and southbound straight-through vehicles are presented with a green-ball display and may proceed (turn right, go straight).
    • Modeling of this intersection indicates that with the proposed fully protected left turn operation, delays for vehicles wishing to turn left will increase between 40 and 50 seconds.


I encourage residents to vote on this poll below to share your thoughts with my office in a way that will allow me to share the information easily with traffic staff as to preferred options. Please note that the results of this poll are solely for measuring the input of residents and do not guarantee that either option will be implemented.


This poll will remain open until December 10th so I do encourage residents to share this page with other residents via email or social media. Please provide your name, address, and any additional comments in the comments section of the poll (no comments will be posted publicly).


Thank you for your input.

POSTPONED 195 Huntmar Drive Proposed Development Public Meeting


The public meeting scheduled for November 30th as been POSTPONED till Wednesday, January 10th, 2018 with an open house at 6:30 pm with a presentation 7:00 pm at the Goulbourn Recreation Complex (Hall A), located at 1500 Shea Road


The public meeting is regarding a proposed plan of subdivision by Shenkman/Cavanagh for the property at 195 Huntmar Drive, which is located west of Huntmar Drive and south of Highway 417 as shown on the Location Map (File No.: D07-16-16-0011).


The Plan of Subdivision proposes the development of approximately 1120 detached, townhouse, stacked townhouse, and low-rise apartment residential units. The subdivision also includes blocks for commercial development to accommodate a range of small scale retail, restaurant, and service commercial uses and automobile dealerships. A secondary school (OCDSB) and parks, including the Kanata West District Park, are also proposed.


For additional information you can visit my website here.  Please note that in the future a revised Draft Plan of Subdivision will be available on my website and on .


For more information, please contact myself and City Planner Louise Sweet at 613-580-2424 ext. 27586 or

Johnwoods Closure Update

Z:Projects201313-019 Fairwinds WestDesignDrawingsSubmissio

This week Johnwoods Street was closed between Rosehill and Maple Grove.  Residents are strongly encouraged to avoid this area and only use the area for local traffic.

I am aware that residents in the surrounding areas have experienced additional traffic on their residential streets following the closure.  This is no longer a direct route for drivers to access Highway 417 and over time this should become apparent to drivers and they should seek alternate direct routes.

There has been large variable messaging lit up signs on Hazeldean/Johnwoods, Huntmar/Maple Grove, Maple Grove/Johnwoods and Johnwoods/Rosehill advising drivers that Johnwoods is closed and to use Huntmar instead.  I have also requested the messaging sign at the Maple Grove/Johnwoods be moved further east, closer to Warmstone to provide advance warning to drivers.

At my request, and due to input from some residents, another messaging sign was placed on Huntmar north of Maple Grove to also advise drivers the road is closed and to use Huntmar.  In addition, ‘local traffic only’ signs were placed at Alon and Maple Grove near Santolina.  I requested this additional signage specifically knowing there was an Ottawa Senator home game last night.  I also requested Ottawa Police Services to assist in directing traffic to use Huntmar last night as well.

I am aware that there were reports of OC Transpo busses traveling through some streets which they should not be, and this is being resolved.  The developers for Fairwinds West and Poole Creek Village have also been reminded again to ensure that all of their construction equipment and contractors do not use existing neighbourhood.  Traffic counts are also being taken in the communities surrounding Johnwoods and these results will be made available to the community through my eNewsletter.

Kanata LRT EA Study Open House


Once again, I would like to invite all residents to an open house regarding the Kanata Light Rail Transit (LRT) Environmental Assessment (EA) Study on Thursday, December 7th at the Kanata Recreation Complex (Hall A, 100 Charlie Rogers Pl). Another open house took place earlier this year on June 5th to discuss potential options regarding the future of the LRT extension from Moodie to Palladium through Kanata; for a recap of what was discussed, please visit my website here.


Extending LRT to Kanata is identified in the Ultimate Network in the City’s 2013 Transportation Master Plan (TMP). At the previous Public Open House, the City presented the evaluation of alternative corridors and identified a preliminary preferred corridor.



To date, the Study Team has finalized the recommended corridor, and at this open house will present design details on the recommended plan, station locations and concept designs, and the requirement for a light maintenance and storage facility.


The Environmental Assessment portion of the study will be undertaken in accordance with the Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP) as prescribed in Ontario Regulation 231/08, Transit Projects. The City must consider alternative corridors and designs for the project, undertake public and agency consultation, assess the potential environmental effects of the Recommended Plan and identify measures to mitigate any such impacts.


I highly encourage all residents to attend this important open house and share their comments as the LRT will play a huge role in the future of Ottawa transit. Comments received will be collected under TPAP, and with the exception of personal information, will become part of the public record. To provide your comments, please contact Senior Project Engineer, Angela Taylor, by email at or by phone by calling 613-580-2424 Ext. 15210


For more information, please visit

Neil Ave Closed for Construction Until December 1st

Please note that as a continuation of the construction work on the Hazeldean Gardens retirement residence, Neil Ave will remain closed until December 1st. Pedestrian and local traffic will be maintained as well as access to all adjacent dwellings.


Construction has now moved out of the Stittsville Main and Hazeldean intersection and will now commence by the sidewalk of Stittsville Main toward Neil Ave. The most recent estimated date for all work to be complete is 3-4 more weeks.


I have confirmed that the construction work along the shoulder of Stittsville Main will not interfere with floats turning from Hazeldean to access the Parade of Lights on December 2nd.  If a crew is working that Saturday, work will be shut down in time to remove any traffic pylons so as to permit normal traffic flow in both directions along Stittsville Main.


Thank you for your patience.


For more information on this work, please click here.

City Hall Art Gallery Features Stittsville Artist

2017 Collection Exhibition Invite

Stop by Ottawa City Hall (110 Laurier Ave W) before January 7th, 2018 to enjoy the artistic stylings of Stittsville resident, Lynda Cronin, in the City’s newest exhibition: Longevity: 2017 Additions to the City of Ottawa Art Collection.

The art collection contains over 2,700 artworks by artists associated with the Ottawa area. Currently artworks are on display in over 150 City facilities, including administration buildings, branches of the public library and community centres as well as parks, roadways and transit stations. This local collection is comprised of works of art that allow for an appreciation, an understanding and a future interpretation of the City’s visual arts history. Developed in 1985, the City of Ottawa Public Art Program manages and exhibits the City of Ottawa Art Collection.

Lynda describes her art as “concept driven and […] integral to site and place influenced by the lived environment, the written word or aspects of history and culture that connect to a specific time and experience. The intention is to articulate public space in an interesting and meaningful way by considering multiple avenues for public engagement and consideration.”

Lynda’s work, Tempus 2017, prominently displays the beauty of the Innovation Drive Park and Ride (1321-3043 Innovation Drive).


The art collection contains over 2,700 artworks by artists associated with the Ottawa area. Currently artworks are on display in over 150 City facilities, including administration buildings, branches of the public library and community centres as well as parks, roadways and transit stations. This local collection is comprised of works of art that allow for an appreciation, an understanding and a future interpretation of the City’s visual arts history. Developed in 1985, the City of Ottawa Public Art Program manages and exhibits the City of Ottawa Art Collection.

For more information on Lynda and to review her projects, please visit

All That Glam Fundraiser


As a student in grade 12, Stittsville resident, Eva Von Jagow, began a charity event called ALL THAT GLAM, a sale of gently-used jewelry and handbags to raise money for school breakfast programs in Nunavut. Now, four years later, the All That Glam Committee has donated over $100,000 to much-needed breakfast programs in Nunavut.


Now I am happy to share the 5th annual fundraiser which will take place at the Richcraft Recreation Complex from 8:00 Am – 2:00 PM in Kanata on Saturday, November 25th!


Tens of thousands of pieces of gently-used jewelry and brand-name handbags will be available and the silent auction features some beautiful designer bags or unique pieces of jewelry. One feature include this beautiful Innuit-inspired quilt that a group of 8 Ottawa women – ‘The Blockheads’ – created especially for DueNORTH for the purposes of raising money for All That Glam. The quilt will be raffled off ‘Toonie for a Ticket’ ($2). The draw date will be made on the day of the sale.


I highly encourage all residents to come out and support one Stittsville resident’s new annual tradition for a great cause.


For more information, please visit  or email

Wanted: Outdoor Rink Supervisor for Bryanston Gate Skating Rink


The outdoor skating rink at Bryanston Gate is in need a new rink supervisor this winter season and residents are invited to apply! This is a great opportunity for an individual 14 years of age or older to take initiative and tend to a service that benefits the whole community.

The requirements are as follows:

  • The person(s) would have to be 14 years of age or older, but would require someone 18+ to sign the contract on their behalf
  • A valid Police Records Check for the Vulnerable Sector (can be done online for free with a letter I can provide (18+))
  • Supervise the site/change hut for a minimum of 20 hours/maximum of 30 hours per week.
  • Record attendance and statistics during the scheduled hours


There is a Grant for this supervision contract so residents are encouraged to email Shawna at with CC to me at


Thank you for looking out for your community!

GTHS Century Farm Reception – Canada 150 Project


In appreciation of over 150 years of local farm families, the Goulbourn Township Historical Society invites residents to join a special presentation followed by a reception. On November 25th, please come out to share your congratulations with these farm families who will each be presented with a unique sign in honour of Canada’s 150th anniversary.


The event will take place at the Grace Thompson Meeting Room of the Stittsville Library from 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM.
As farming plays such a significant role in our community’s history, I thoroughly encourage all residents to join for this special presentation as the GTHS shares their recognition for the farm families who have worked tirelessly in our community for so many years.


To learn more about the GTHS, please visit