Kanata LRT EA Study Open House Recap

Full size plan available here


Last night, I was happy to join engaged community members and Transportation Staff at the Kanata Recreation Complex for the final Kanata Light Rail Transit (LRT) Environmental Assessment (EA) Open House.

The purpose of this open house was to discuss the recommended corridor (beyond the Canadian Tire Centre [CTC] to Hazeldean Road) and present design details on the recommended plan, station locations and concept designs, and the requirement for a light maintenance and storage facility.


Following the last Kanata LRT EA Open House in June, further assessment was conducted on corridors 1, 5, 8, and 13. As it stands, Corridor 8 remains the recommended corridor by both staff and community feedback. Generally, the public did not support Corridor 13.

Corridor 8 was decided to extend to Hazeldean because the route is elevated at the CTC. An earlier BRT study identified the route would stay elevated to Hazeldean. As such, this makes Hazeldean an ideal transition point and the best transfer point for riders. This extension into the growing communities of Stittsville would also see an increase in ridership, as opposed to ending at the CTC.


Alternative Designs were also developed and evaluated for March/Eagleson Station and Terry Fox Station to Palladium.


Alternative 1 was selected for March/Eagleson Station due to the minimal impact on the OPP facility, Watt’s Creek, and adjacent lands, the provision for a bus terminal immediately adjacent to the station and the support for good station connectivity and access.


Terry Fox to Palladium

Additionally, Alternative 2 was selected for the Terry Fox to Palladium connection as the location provides good coverage of existing/proposed land uses, a good opportunity for city building and station integration with the public, good alignment geometry, and the guideway is further away from the adjacent residential community while allowing for development frontage along Campeau.



Other items

Other discussion points included the Light Maintenance and Storage Facility options. At this time, additional analysis of these locations requires further analysis; however, the preliminary preferred LMSF alternative is to expand the Moodie Drive site previously identified by Stage 2. Discussions with the NCC are ongoing.

Following last night’s consultation, staff will work on preparing a report to Transportation Committee for Spring 2018 with the projected costs and phasing plan. At this time the City does not have projected costs for the project as they have been waiting for the consultation to be completed to ensure there are no further changes to the plan. Now that the consultation is complete, staff will confirm the exact alignment and from there will work to obtain projected costs.


Timelines for the project remain dependent on funding availability.  Currently the Transportation Master Plan (TMP) estimates the date of the project to be beyond 2031.  It is anticipated the project will be funded in partnership with the Federal, Provincial and City each covering 1/3 of the costs.


LRT staff have been in discussions with the CTC regarding its future use. Although there is nothing firm in place for the potential move of the Ottawa Senators, if they were to move, the City’s plan would be for redevelopment of the site so there would still be a need for LRT at the CTC location. The Ottawa Senators have also been involved in discussions regarding the impact the LRT station will have their operations.


I would like to thank the community members and others who took the time to participate in this process from day one by either joining us at an open house or by providing comments electronically. LRT is an important step for the future of transportation within the City of Ottawa and this portion is especially important for residents of Stittsville to be connected with an efficient means of travel with the rest of our great City. As a Councillor, I am happy to see this plan being presented as we come along and move forward toward the future of travel and it is uplifting to know that the community is engaged in making sure that the process is done right for future residents of Ottawa to benefit from for a long time.


For those who missed the presentation, I have made it available on my website here.

John Street (Johnwoods) Sanitary Pumping Station Decommissioning Project

The John Street Pumping Station located at 53 Mika Street is scheduled for decommissioning in 2019. With the expected completion of the Kanata West Pumping Station in early 2018, John Street Pumping Station, along with four other pumping stations in the west end of Ottawa are scheduled to be replaced with bypass sanitary sewers and decommissioned.


Part of the project involves installing a new 250-millimetre sanitary bypass sewer along Johnwoods Street between Maple Grove Road and John Street Sanitary Pump Station, connecting on Mika Street. Given the current construction status of Johnwoods Street between Maple Grove Road and Rosehill Avenue, staff is requesting Council permission to enter into a third party infrastructure agreement with Mattamy Homes for the detailed design, tender and construction of the 250‑millimetre by-pass gravity sanitary sewer so that it may be combined and coordinated with the Johnwoods Street conversion project.

Combining the two projects will avoid duplication of work and throw away costs which would otherwise be incurred if the multi-use pathway project was to proceed in advance of the sanitary bypass sewer. The removal of a section of the newly constructed multi-use pathway would then be required to allow the construction of the bypass sanitary sewer. Combining the two projects will also minimize the amount of construction related disruption for the adjacent residents. The actual decommissioning of the station will not be part of this agreement. Once the City receives Committee and Council approval and Mattamy tenders the project, we will be able to provide further update on timing and any impact on adjacent residents.


A 3rd party infrastructure agreement report will be coming to Planning Committee on December 12th and Council on December 13th for delegated authority and is now available on the City website here.


I am supportive of this agreement and am pleased the City and Mattamy have been able to work together on this portion of the project.  I had advised the City that this was very important to have done now to ensure there will no further construction disruption to the neighbourhoods for this connection that would be required.

Carp and Hazeldean Traffic Light Survey (FINAL WEEKEND FOR SURVEY/COMMENTS)


For some time, residents have been reaching out to my office regarding the traffic lights at Carp and Hazeldean Rd, requesting that advance left turning lights be installed travelling Eastbound on Hazeldean onto Carp (North toward the 417) and Northbound on Carp onto Hazeldean (West). Previous information has been shared in my newsletter on this intersection which you can review here and here.


I have been reviewing the matter with Traffic staff and would like to present residents with a poll on what options might be feasible to pursue further with staff.


Some general background information:

  • In 2015, this intersection ranked 167th of 955 signalized intersections for accidents in the City with a total of 10 collisions (the highest ranking intersection had 60 collisions)
  • The existing Carp southbound left-turn arrow (turning East onto Hazeldean) is permissive-protective. It is present due to the significant volume of southbound left-turn vehicles competing with the constant flow of northbound straight-through vehicles.
  • Carp Road has two signal phases at the Hazeldean intersection:
    • Southbound left-turn vehicles turn on the green arrow; then the amber arrow clears these left-turn vehicles from the intersection. This whole while, northbound is stopped with a red-ball display and southbound straight-through vehicles proceed on the green-ball display.
    • All northbound and southbound vehicles are then presented with a green-ball display and may proceed (turn left, turn right, go straight) when it is safe to do so.
  • Fully-protected left-turn signal phases facilitate left-turning traffic and usually improves the safety of the intersection for left-turning vehicles. It also separates the left turn movement and pedestrians wishing to cross the street.
  • Left-turn arrows also result in longer cycle lengths, increased vehicle queueing, increased vehicle stopping, and increased vehicle delays.
  • Pedestrian delays may be increased due to the overall increase in vehicle delay.
  • Fully-protected left-turn signal phases display 24 hours per day. These left-turn arrows are not turned off at night.


Option 1 – Eastbound Hazeldean advance left traffic light


  • Westbound Hazeldean will remain without advance left traffic light
  • Traffic staff conducted a review of 12 hours of footage during morning rush hour over 2-month period
    • Concluded that while high, traffic does not spill out of the left turn storage lane
    • Low volume of west bound traffic to interfere with eastbound left turns
  • Because a collision trend is not over-represented, intervention may create new unforeseen problems

Option 2 – Northbound (new) and Southbound (existing) Carp simultaneous advance left traffic lights


  • The future proposed northbound left-turn arrow and southbound left-turn arrow will be fully-protected. Carp Road will have two signal phases at the Hazeldean intersection:
    • Northbound left-turn and southbound left-turn vehicles turn on the green arrow; then the amber arrow clears these left-turn vehicles from the intersection. This whole while, northbound straight-through has a red-ball display and southbound straight-through has a red-ball display.
    • Northbound left-turn vehicles and southbound-left turn vehicles are presented with a red-ball display and may not proceed at all. Northbound straight-through vehicles and southbound straight-through vehicles are presented with a green-ball display and may proceed (turn right, go straight).
    • Modeling of this intersection indicates that with the proposed fully protected left turn operation, delays for vehicles wishing to turn left will increase between 40 and 50 seconds.


*PLEASE NOTE: that both options include keeping the southbound (on Carp turning east on Hazeldean) advance left intact.


I encourage residents to vote on this poll below to share your thoughts with my office in a way that will allow me to share the information easily with traffic staff as to preferred options. Please note that the results of this poll are solely for measuring the input of residents and do not guarantee that either option will be implemented.




This poll will remain open until December 10th so I do encourage residents to share this page with other residents via email or social media. Please provide your name, address, and any additional comments in the comments section of the poll (no comments will be posted publicly).


Thank you for your input.

Cookies with Santa Recap


I would like to thank residents of the community for once again taking the time to join me at last Saturday’s “Cookies with Santa in support of mental health” holiday event at the GRC! Thanks to the on-spot donations of attendees, $155 was raised to be donated to the Hopes Rising campaign for mental health services.

A fun time was had by all as the youth partook in cookie-decorating, craft-making, and of course, photos with Father Christmas himself, Santa Claus! I would like to thank Santa Claus for stopping by as well as Kevan Shantz and his team at the Goulbourn Recreation Centre (GRC) for helping out with the crafts for kids! It was also a great pleasure seeing my Councillor colleagues, Marianne Wilkinson, Mark Taylor, and Allan Hubley who stopped by to present their lists to Santa.

I also announced the winners of my annual Christmas Card Contest as selected by a committee of judges! A sincere congratulations goes out to the winners Holly Loiselle (Age 7), Jonathan Whitworth (Age 7), Alexis Clark (Age 8), and Melody Mae Whitworth (Age 9) and, of course, thank you to all of the youth who took the time to share with me your beautiful artwork! It was a pleasure to read through them.

card winners2017.png

Parade of Lights – Thank You

Stittsville was in a celebrating mood on December 2nd as another Stittsville Parade of Lights has come and gone with a glow of holiday cheer.

As always, I would like to thank the Stittsville Village Association for all of their hard work in organizing the parade. Every year, a great deal of work is required to assemble this large community event so I would also like to acknowledge all of the volunteers that helped to facilitate the parade. I would also like to commend the efforts of our friends at the Ottawa Fire Services, Ottawa Police Services, and Ottawa Paramedic Services for their support. Thank you as well to all who participated with decorating such amazing floats or marching for the pleasure of the community.

It was a warm and colourful night where the children looked on with wonder and joy, anxiously awaiting the arrival of dear ol’ Saint Nick right here in Stittsville.


Along the parade route, it was quite evident to see the happy faces on children and families enjoying the evening!


From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank all residents for coming out to show their festive spirits on this incredible holiday tradition. The togetherness of families and friends I witness every year at this time is a gentle reminder of just how important this local tradition is for bringing the community together in celebration.

Thank you.

Youth of Fringewood Raises $900 for Local Family in Need


I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the generous efforts of 5 young girls in the Fringewood community who last weekend raised over $900 for a family down the street that experienced a house fire.

The girls sold hot chocolate and cookies all afternoon on December 2nd just so that they could help out another family in need. Wow!


On behalf of my office, I would like to share a special thank you to this group of young girls for really showing what the community spirit looks like here in Stittsville at this time of year. It is about giving and helping those out when they need it most.


I want to encourage all residents to make the most of this holiday season by sharing kindness and positivity for all those around you. If you have a story of community spirit you would like mentioned in my newsletter this winter, please email me at Shad.Qadri@ottawa.ca. Thank you.

Blackstone and Fernbank Crossing Holiday Lights Competition

holiday lights competition 2 (002)

The Blackstone and Fernbank Crossing Community Association is hosting a Holiday Lights Competition. Residents are encouraged to decorate their homes and nominate houses they feel are especially festive.

Send a photo, address and contact information to blackstonefernbankcrossing@gmail.com .  Contest closes December 20, 2017.  The winner will receive a gift basket and neighbourhood bragging rights.

Christmas Exchange Program

The Caring and Sharing Exchange is helping families in need this holiday season and residents are requested to help out!

On December 16th, residents are encouraged to return their empty bottles to a local Beer Store retailer and donate a portion of the return to the Caring and Sharing Exchange as part of their Christmas Exchange program to help provide essential food assistance to Ottawa families in need this holiday season. You can also donate online here.


5,758 Ottawa families turn to this program for food assistance around the holiday season so I highly encourage residents to help ensure that local families have a safe and healthy holiday season.


For more information, please visit https://caringandsharing.ca/

Capital Junk Food Bank Fundraiser


This December 8th & 9th, the uniformed staff of Capital Junk will be driving around the city to remove televisions, phones, computers and other electronic devices for free and accepting cash donations to the Ottawa Food Bank in lieu.


The goal is to raise $3,000 – $5,000 in cash so residents are requested to give generously for this incredibly worthwhile cause.


Remember, a $1 cash donation is the equivalent of $5 of food for someone in need thanks to the buying power of the Ottawa Food Bank.


To book your junk removal or for more information, please visit www.capitaljunk.ca/charity-local-work/free-e-waste-pickup-fundraiser-ottawa-food-bank/ or call (613) 825-0707


I would like to encourage all residents to participate and spread some Christmas cheer. While we celebrate this Christmas, please think of the members of the community who may need your help or assistance. You can contact the Stittsville food bank by calling (613) 831-0451 or visiting http://www.stittsvillefoodbank.ca.

eQ Homes Fernbank Crossing Make a Wish Toy Drive


The Sales Representatives of Fernbank Crossing, eQ Homes, are collecting toys on behalf of the Make-a -Wish Eastern Ontario Foundation for children battling life threatening medical conditions.


Residents are encouraged to drop off a new, unwrapped toy at any eQ Homes Sales Offices before December 20th.


The Make-A-Wish Foundation grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.


I highly encourage residents to consider donating to this worthwhile cause this holiday season. No child should be left without something to celebrate.


To learn more about the Make-A-Wish Foundation, please visit https://makeawish.ca/