1981 Maple Grove Plan of Subdivision and Zoning By-law Amendment Application

1981 maplegrove

The City of Ottawa has received a concurrent Plan of Subdivision and Zoning By-law Amendment application to permit the development of a 196-unit subdivision comprised of 57 single-detached dwellings, 101 townhomes and 38 back-to-back townhomes.


The property is located at the northeast corner of Stittsville Main Street and Maple Grove Road within the Kanata West Concept Plan. The site is approximately 7.58 hectares and is currently vacant with groupings of tree coverage. The property is surrounded by vacant lands to the north, east and west, existing low-rise residential subdivision to the south and one single-detached home immediately to the east along Maple Grove Road. On the vacant land directly north of the site, there is currently an active subdivision application by Cavanagh / Shenkman, municipally addressed as 195 Huntmar Drive.


The land is currently zoned Development Reserve Zone (DR) and designated as General Urban Area in the City’s Official Plan. The DR zoning recognizes lands intended for future urban development in area designated as General Urban Area of the City’s Official Plan. The applicant is proposing to rezone the lands to Residential Third Density Zone, Subzone Z (R3Z) and Parks and Open Space Zone (O1) to permit the development of the proposed subdivision. The proposed R3Z zoning allows a mix of residential building forms ranging from detached to townhouse dwellings and the O1 zoning permits the development of a park within the site.


A concurrent Plan of Subdivision application was also submitted to permit the development of a 196-unit subdivision comprised of 57 single-detached dwellings, 101 townhomes and 38 back-to-back townhomes. As part of this subdivison, there is a 0.68 hectare park proposed at the northeast corner of the site. The park will be built as a “parkette” park type and transferred to the City as a requirement of parkland dedication. The street network shown on the draft plan of subdivision proposes a grid-pattern layout which includes seven local roads used to service the site. There will be five accesses into the subdivision, one on Maple Grove Road, three along the future Stittsville Main Street extension to the west, and one access from the future Kanata West Main Street to the north.

5969 Fernbank Road Public Information Meeting

On Monday June 11th, City Planning staff in coordination with my office will be holding a public information session for a zoning by-law amendment (D02-02-18-0042) and subdivision application (D07-16-18-00009) that has been filed for 5969 Fernbank Road.  The session is taking place in the Board Room on the second floor of the Goulbourn Recreation Complex located at 1500 Shea Road.

The purpose of the application is to develop a subdivision containing 357 units: 119 single detached dwellings, 2 semi-detached units and 236 townhouse units. Included is a 2.45 hectare school site and 1.36 hectare park.


The zoning by-law amendment requests to bring the site into conformity with the General Urban Area designation of the Official Plan and to implement the approved Fernbank Community Design Plan.


The target date for draft approval of the subdivision is July 19, 2018.  The zoning by-law amendment cannot proceed until the subdivision has received draft approval.
For full application details, please click here and here.


Should you have any questions in relation to this file you may contact the lead planner Laurel McCreight at Laurel.McCreight@ottawa.ca or my office at shad.qadri@ottawa.ca

Potter’s Key Construction Traffic Concerns are being addressed

My office has been working with Domenic Idone and Minto Developments to establish a plan that would address residents’ concerns relating to the construction traffic from Potter’s Key Development.

Some contractors have been deviating from the construction road I had requested be put in place, to avoid travelling on the existing residential streets. I am happy to provide you with the following plan to be implemented going forward.


Construction Traffic Plan:


  • Weekly communication to all subcontractors and suppliers reminding them to only use the specified construction access off of Hazeldean Road.
  • Minto will install cameras at all four roadways entering/exiting the Potter’s Key subdivision and fine any supplier or subcontractor that use these access points.
  • Minto has requested from their suppliers and subcontractors that smaller transport trucks be used where possible for deliveries to the site so that trucks can more safely and easily turn around within the Potter’s Key subdivision so that they are able to exit using the Hazeldean Road construction access. Where smaller trucks cannot be used (i.e. truss delivery) and when it is not possible to turn around within the subdivision, either safely or physically, trucks will be escorted out through the existing subdivisons by a Minto representative. These events will be only as required and not frequent events.
  • Minto’s Construction Traffic Control Plan that was submitted to the City in May 2017 will be updated to reflect that all the roads in/out of Potter’s Key are now open. The Traffic Plan will show where additional signage will be added.
  • Minto will monitor how construction traffic is responding to these measures. If required, Minto will work with the Councilor’s office to get the speed limit reduced on Hazeldean Road between Carp Road and Stittsville Main to 50km/h until such time as Potter’s Key is built out.


I would like to thank Domenic for taking this matter seriously and working with my office to create a plan that is focused on the safety of the residents. I would also like to thank the residents for their patience in this time.

Village Square Park Drinking Fountain

170606_PROPOSED planter & sign locations

Here is some refreshing news for residents that may be walking through Village Square Park over the weekend. The brand new drinking water fountain was connected yesterday and is now operational!


One outstanding piece that has yet to be completed is the hose attachment at the bottom of the unit to water the flower boxes in the park; however, these parts areon order and will be installed as soon as possible.


In the meantime, I am happy that this great new feature is now available for use to help keep residents hydrated and active!

Bus Pad Improvements in Stittsville

As part of the 2018 bus pad and bus shelter improvement program, I am happy to share that 5 bus stops in Stittsville will see construction improvements over the coming months. These stops were selected based on a number of factors, including ridership numbers, site conditions, bus service frequency and exposure to elements.

Main Street Cross Street Improvement Type
Kittiwake Drive Abaca Way Concrete Pad and Shelter*
Stittsville Main Street Kimpton Drive Asphalt Pad
West Ridge Drive Snowberry Way Asphalt Pad
West Ridge Drive Renshaw Avenue Concrete Pad
Granite Ridge Drive Cinnabar Way Concrete Pad

*Shelters will be installed at a later date

This is great news for Stittsville residents who rely on public transit to get around!

The bus pads will be constructed within City property limits and will increase the level of service, safety, accessibility and comfort experienced by OC Transpo’s customers. The pads will be constructed with minimal impacts upon traffic and may require limited, localized lane closures at each site location.

Construction is anticipated to commence in June with completion in late Fall 2018. The Contractor will be required to complete each site within eight (8) calendar days of starting each individual site. Residents in the immediate vicinity of each site will be notified of the impending construction prior to the start of construction.


A more detailed schedule will be provided in the coming weeks.

Hope Blooms at the Farm

Congratulations to the Queensway Carleton Hospital (QCH) Foundation on their successful fundraising event held at Saunders Farm Thursday evening in support of their Hopes Rising Campaign for Mental Health. The event raised $520,000 that will go toward the building of a new mental health unit at the hospital.


Queensway Carleton Hospital has been providing inpatient, outpatient and emergency mental health services through its Mental Health Program since 1976. The current mental health program at the QCH is the sole provider of emergency and acute mental health services in West Ottawa serving a population of over 400,000. Over 90% of our admissions come through QCH emergency department. The present facility offers a 24-bed inpatient unit as well as day treatment programs, assessments, emergency consultations, inpatient liaison and mental health outreach clinics in the Ottawa Valley.


Due to an unrelenting increase in the number of adults of all ages requiring acute mental health care services, our Mental Health Program urgently needs to transform its space and the care it delivers to meet the needs of the communities it serves.


Last year alone the mental health unit served 673 separate inpatients with a total of 8,000 patient days and saw 19,000 outpatient visits.


Thank you to the organizers and all of the volunteers who made last evening’s event such a wonderful success. And thank you to everyone who has donated to this cause. If you would like to contribute to the Hopes Rising Campaign please click on the following link.


On September 27, 2017 myself along with nine of my City Councillor colleagues announced that we had come together and pledged to raise $500,000 in support of the Hopes Rising Campaign for Mental Health at QCH by hosting various fundraisers in their communities throughout the year.


#PROMise2018 Ottawa Public Health Campaign Promotes Safe Grad Celebrations


It was my sincere pleasure to visit with Sacred Heart High School students participating in their Grad Inspiration Day at Saunders Farm Friday morning. Ottawa Public Health nurses were on hand to teach students about #PROMise2018 social media engagement campaign.

OPH created the PromSmart campaign in May of 2017. The Campaign is a part of the response to the opioids crisis that faces the City. This year, OPH has enhanced PromSmart with a “#PROMise2018”.


Youth will help promote #PROMise2018 by using the campaign hashtag in their social media posts, thereby encouraging a peer-to-peer approach. The campaign aims to empower youth to increase their knowledge on issues related to substance use and sexual health; and to foster a culture of keeping each other safe.


For the campaign launch, OPH has identified schools with engaged student groups to host an event. School health nurses will collaborate with school staff and students to plan a lunchtime event to draw in grade 12 students and encourage them each to take the #PROMise2018 pledge, or in this case a larger school event.


Tick Kits No Longer Available from My Office


As Chair of Board of Health, I would like to thank all residents for their interest in tick kits and preventing the spread of Lyme Disease. Unfortunately, due to such high demand, my office is out of stock of Tick Kits and will not be replenishing.


The OPH Tick Kits included a Tick Key and important information from OPH which is also available here – www.OttawaPublicHealth.ca/LymeDisease


Tick Keys are available for purchase and have been seen for sale at outdoor stores, pet/veterinary clinics and Parks Ontario stores. OPH has advised that you can remove ticks with tweezers and to follow the below instructions.

  • Using tweezers or a “Tick Key”, grasp the tick’s head as close to the skin as possible and pull slowly until the tick is removed. Do not twist or rotate the tick. Do not use a match, lotion or anything else on the tick.
  • Wash the bite site with soap and water
  • If the tick has bitten a human, and you would like to get it testedas part of Ottawa Public Health’s tick monitoring, you can find more testing information below.
  • If you don’t want to have the tick tested, you can dispose of a live tick by submersing it in alcohol, placing it in a sealed bag/container, wrapping it tightly in tape, or flushing it down the toilet

Stittsville/Kanata Light Rail Ridership Uplift Projections


I would like to take a moment to share some useful information regarding the future of transit in Stittsville and Ottawa’s west-end communities.


After receiving a direction from City Council at Transportation Committee, May 2nd, staff have provided Council with some estimated values for ridership following the implementation of the Kanata Light Rail Transit Extension comparative with how they stand today.


Ridership projections are based on the City’s Official Plan for growth to the 2031 planning horizon. For the Kanata Light Rail Transit (LRT) Planning and Environmental Assessment (EA) study, ridership projections were analyzed both before the LRT and after the LRT is built.


Before the Kanata LRT is implemented, the City’s Transportation Master Plan – Affordable Rapid Transit Network, identifies Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) between Moodie Station and Terry Fox Station. Projected transit ridership in this scenario is estimated at 8,600 during the weekday morning peak period (between 6:30 am to 9 am). Following implementation of the Kanata LRT from Moodie Station to Hazeldean Station, projected ridership is 10,800 during the weekday morning peak period.


Therefore, the projected ridership uplift associated with the LRT extension is 2,200 new transit trips during the morning peak period. Approximately 90% of the projected ridership uplift would be obtained with the extension of the LRT to Terry Fox Station for an estimated cost of $710M. For context, the 2,200 new transit riders would be the equivalent to adding a vehicle lane on Highway 417.


In addition to the ridership uplift, the Kanata LRT Extension will result in improved travel times of up to 10 minutes between Kanata and downtown Ottawa, and greatly improve reliability of transit service for Kanata residents by providing a fully segregated LRT facility which is not impacted by traffic congestion. It will provide fast, frequent, and reliable service, with a high capacity transit “spine” that can connect to future bus rapid transit and transit priority corridors running north and south from the LRT. This corridor supports the City’s planned development objectives of higher density development and intensification along the central core area of Kanata.


The first phase of Ottawa’s LRT Confederation Line is slated to open this November, 2018.

Council approves measures to help micro-breweries, small manufacturers and live music business

Small-scale manufacturing and food processing businesses can now operate in commercial areas, after City Council approved zoning changes this week.


Historically, these uses were restricted to segregated industrial zones with heavy industrial uses that generate noise, pollution and freight traffic. Light manufacturing and food processing businesses, like micro-breweries and craft furniture makers, will now be able to operate in other urban areas. These businesses will also be able to sell their products on-site through a retail or restaurant component while also distributing their products for resale.


Council also approved a zoning amendment to increase opportunities for live music and performance venues, in line with the recently adopted Ottawa Music Strategy. Music venues happen across a wide range of locations and are critical to a city’s cultural scene. With this amendment, live music and theatre will be permitted uses in any place of worship or assembly across the city, as well as permitted accessory uses in commercial stores and restaurants.